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v.0.1.6 Pre-Alpha Changelog

JogobogosJogobogos Member UncommonPosts: 172
New patch is up! In addition we would like to announce that in the next patch planned for Friday, we are going to greatly increase current map size. Also, we are going to add two new flags, as well as make many smaller changes. If those will be well received by you, we are going to officially remove the NDA.

Changelog of current patch:


– Redesigned most of the light armors (chest) and their recipes, implementing different quality versions

– Rebalanced statistics of light armors (chest)

– Redesigned distribution of light armors (chest) and their recipes in mobs’ drops and shops

– Rebalanced prices of weapons and light armors (chest)

– Decreased HP regeneration bonus after consuming food

-  Decreased damage from bleeding effect

– Added speeches based on current situation for beggars, peasants and sailors

– Prevented players from speaking and trading with NPCs from enemy nation

– Implemented attacking the enemy nation by all townspeople, not only guards

– Added new bleeding system (much more efficient and effective)

– HP regeneration is now paused for three seconds after being hit.

– Stamina now regenerates during blocking (half of basic value)

– Stamina usage during blocking with a shield is now 10% less than it was before.

– Introduced new recipes, allowing combining thinner tanned leather into thicker ones


– Fixed few logical issues in crafting processes (including an issue preventing crafters from creating some of the leather types)

– Fixed a weather system’s bug, causing long-term rains

– Fixed a rare crash during terrain loading


– Fixed a lot bugs related to server’s performance

– Optimized few systems to reduce client-side CPU usage

– Increased speed of world loading system



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