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Any advice for a new player?

d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878

I've been in game for a couple of hours total and I've had a lot of fun just running around killing stuff and fixing a thumper here and there. I've pretty quickly made it to level 5 on one of my suits. I'd like to mess around with some of the other ones.


I have been hesitating not wanting to commit an f2p cash grab as I've been burned before. I definitely don't mind spending money on an f2p game, but I just want to know that it's worth it for the long term benefit: the game will be around for a while and you can trust the devs to not trash the game up with cheesy cash shop items that take away from the actual play.


Any advice for a new player? What should I do? Just roam around and find stuff on the map? Check the job board? Any advice for how to get started and set up some goals for myself? I'm not sure what type of game this is. Is it a sandbox? A sandpark? A themepark? What do you work toward?


I'm just having fun but now I'm considering getting more focused. If you have any advice to impart, I'm all ears.


  • Sal1Sal1 Member UncommonPosts: 333

    Welcome to Firefall! Make sure you login again 24- 48 hours after you first login to get a free LGV (cycle). I would mix Ares job board missions with random ones you find on the maps for your level range. If you don't have a green level 5 weapon check the Ares NPC at Copacabana to see if you can buy one. 

    Slot modules into weapons and skills even if they dont help your class at low to mid levels. This raises your power rating which helps tremendously. And when you get a better module just slot it over the top of the old one. The old one gets destroyed but at low to mid level it doesn't matter.I would stop doing that when you get into the upper 20's-30+ level range. Then you will need to make some choices about what modules to keep and save or destroy and salvage.

    Craft ammo packs and small health packs right away. They are always needed and it boosts your crafting ability in the process. Make some sonic detonators too to toss onto surface deposits that you encounter around the world. Refine the metals received at the molecular printer to get some crystite and bars for crafting.

    PM me your in game name and I will friend you there. Have fun!

  • d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878

    Thanks for the advice, Sal1.


    Looks like I have a lot to learn about. Is there a good website for reference to crafting, etc.?

  • mystik13mystik13 Member UncommonPosts: 142

    The best way to level while I was still playing was doing events like bandit camps.  Basically large groups of people roam around killing bandits you tag the event by killing a single bandit then move on.  In deciding how long to stay at an area and how many quests to do check out the quarter master.  They sell items bought with tokens received from completing job board missions.  I suggest seeing whether they are selling anything useful to you in deciding when to move on.  At the starter area the quarter master sells level 5 green weapons so you should get those.  They are marked by $ on the map.


    When your frame reaches level 40 you will receive 10 pilot tokens that can be used to purchased a new frame or several epic weapon mods.  At level 5 you will not have unlocked any perks yet.  Some perks are frame restricted while others can be used across frames if you have them unlocked.  I suggest planning which perks you want from a frame before deciding whether to unlock them.  Which accord frame are you playing?


    You do not need to spend much or any money if you are prepared to level frames to 40.  I have not used a starter lgv, they were introduced after I started.  You get plans for better bikes at about 25 and level 40.  The game is greatly improved if you have decent bike and a glider.


    Get a run speed core for your battleframe, faster is better.  Unless crafting has been overhauled since I stopped playing it isn't worth crafting.  The material costs are far too high.

  • d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878

    Thanks, Mystik.


    I've just been wearing the heavy tank frame. I may try another one to see how I like it. Engineer looks fun.


    I will check out the quartermasters.


    What do you do in this game when you reach max level? Is there pvp, group-oriented pve, soloable content?

  • mystik13mystik13 Member UncommonPosts: 142

    There are a couple of very easy raids at 40 with a weekly lock.  There is also a devil's tusk raid, amazon war zone open pve and operation miru 5 player instance.  I have not tried the latter two.  There is the broken peninsula region for pvp, only went there briefly.  Heard lots of complaining about it.  There is no real solo endgame you can do events and missions but rewards are not great.


    With respect to frames the accord frames are a weaker version of the advanced frames that have access to both accord base frame and class specific modules.  If you really like the playstyle of a particular accord frame, chances are you will end up playing an advanced version of that frame.


    For instance the rhino frame is considered to be the best dreadnaught frame.  Since the rhino uses an energy weapon it is able to utilise perks from other frames that boost energy damage, which there are several.  Perks that do not benefit the dreadnaught hmg.  Another example is the engineer can deploy a heavy turret and several utility turrets, the advanced bastion can deploy heavy turret in addition to the bastion specific mini turrets and option of using class specific weapon sticky grenade launcher.


    Tip for dreadnaught explosive rounds plus turret mode equals carnage.


  • d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878

    Thanks, again.


    I've been enjoying the explosive rounds. Just started using them yesterday.


    I will just play and see how it goes. It's been fun and seems well polished and the play feels smooth.



  • avalon1000avalon1000 Member UncommonPosts: 789

    The game gets really wild in the Amazon (new area). Elite Shock Troopers (in groups) can take you down in three seconds. Learn to keep moving and use your jet packs.

    If you do engineer class get a deployable mod on your heavy turrets. Then you can have two heavies out at the same time (one followed a few seconds later by another). 

    If you do hardcore versions of the campaign missions you can get Martha (usable at level 6 or so and a random drop) a secondary shotgun with incredible dps at that level. 

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