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Tried to get back into MMOs today: It was horrible



  • keithiankeithian Member UncommonPosts: 3,176
    I agree with two others in this thread. ESO Forced grouping? Are you sure you didn't log into some other game by mistake? ESO is very solo friendly with grouping options for those who prefer that (PVP, group dungeons, world bosses, Craiglorn, etc). That is definitely NOT a common complaint about ESO.

    There Is Always Hope!

  • Leon1eLeon1e Member UncommonPosts: 791
    Originally posted by UnleadedRev

    1) Renewed my ESO subscription, only to see instantly why I left this game, forced grouping.

    2) Logged on to my last month of WoW, decided to do something different, try a 2vs2 arena with my vaunted level 92 Death Knight.

    He died instantly.

    3) Went to try ArchAge since it is F2P.....it aint....deleted!

    4) Tried to install EQ2, it wont install and a bunch of folks are all complaining about this same issue.

    5) Tried NOSGOTH...its not an MMO...died instantly.

    6) Tried to re-install Neverwinter, forgot my username and password...too much red tape to retrieve and gave up.

    7) Looked at Albion....huh...pay money to have the honor of paying an unfinished game in unannounced small time windows..no thanks I will wait.

    8) Logged onto Shroud of the Avatar...had to create a new toon yet again...did I mention again? Instantly fell thru the ground. Logged off.

    9) Tried Dark Souls: Gave up within 5 minutes -impossibe to play without a console pad.

    Soooo, any MMOs that are not money grubbing, unfinished, unless you played from the get go you died, boredom fests?

    Seems like Guild Wars 2 is more up your alley. No forced grouping, but there is group content if you ever feel the need. PvP is the most balanced pvp in a MMO, ever, there are no 2 opinions about it. It is a fresh air compared to anything else on the MMO market. Tons of solo content in terms of world exploration and world events and pvp. 

    Have fun.

  • MagikarpsGhostMagikarpsGhost Member RarePosts: 689
    Originally posted by Uproar

    Anyways, now that I got the reactions out of my system....


    It's funny the other guy recommended Call of Duty.  I often find myself jumping into Titanfall (same genre).


    At least it is mostly fair.



    ah titan fall great till you find those laggers or hackers lol. lot of epic moments in that game and a lot of WTF WAS THAT moments as well.

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  • Sp00shSp00sh Member Posts: 48

    I agree with everything you say.  I frequently try to get back into MMOs.  Problem is...they all suck.  So I wait...and wait...and wait.  One day...one day, an mmo will come out that I might play for over a year.  That is all I'm asking.  Keep my interest for a whole year.  EQ did it, vanilla WoW did it.  Those are the only two.  Now EQ is too old to get back into...and WoW sucks big time.

    I also love all the Dbags that comment on these forums.  mmorpg forum users are becoming more and more ignorable.  

    Good luck fellow MMO dreamer.  I am in the same boat.

  • Aison2Aison2 Member CommonPosts: 624

    Basic requirement of mmos is serious time investment.  It's no secret mmorpg progress is all about grinding to gain strength. mmorpgs are the wrong gerne if you want fair pvp combat from the getgo. (Well unless you buy maxed accounts but that has it's own pitfalls)


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  • TyggsTyggs Member UncommonPosts: 456

    Check the sig bro. If you want free to play, you can get the full class story up to level 50 (with some pretty hefty restrictions).

    I'm not gonna lie, SWTOR is very restrictive for F2P players, but it also offers free options to lift most of those restrictions.

    Unlocks are sold on the game store and can be sold in the ingame auction (GTN) for credits. You can earn credits as a free player then purchase the unlocks off of the GTN.

    I personally sub, because I get more than enough enjoyment from the game to warrant the cash.

    If you haven't already, give it a look.

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 37,025
    Originally posted by UnleadedRev

    Soooo, any MMOs that are not money grubbing, unfinished, unless you played from the get go you died, boredom fests?

    Planetside 2 maybe?  GW2 as someone else mentioned.

    MMORPG's are all about progression, and generally those who play longer are higher level and will own you in terms of gear or skills, so you have to be willing to pay your dues to be competitive, just the nature of the beast really.

    You choices are to play MMOs with no progression which are few, or suck it up and fight your way up the hill in a game you find enjoyable.

    Or wait for something new to launch, then you can start on even footing, but unless you are a progression master some players will quickly pull ahead of you and you'll be playing catch up once again.


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  • LerxstLerxst Member UncommonPosts: 646

    Wow, have you been living my life?!? Seriously?


    Unlike people here assume, when you log into a game for the first time in a while and die within 5 minutes to another player, you don't "suck at PvP" and "have no patience". You simply want to find some type of enjoyment in the game and spending your time at respawn isn't fun.


    I go back to some old games after some updates and the list of new features reads like an engineering blueprint. Unless you were present for each change 1 by 1, walking into a virtual wall of new features is just too much to adapt to, especially when 95% of the player base has been there for over a year and has everything memorized by heart.


    Other games are fairly new and promise the world... that's all it is though. The "indie" developers are either run by naive, wide-eyed optimistic idiots who get in over their heads on day 1, or parasitic vultures looking to cash in and make a quick buck with a F2P model.


    Show me 1 decent game that can capture and keep a new player's interest after it's been released for a few years. EVE? No chance of catching up with the vets who gang-bang any new player who's not-them. WoW? Have fun spending ages reading pointless quests text no one has looked at for years. LOTRO? Enjoy the population of "just you" in ever zone until you level high enough to see another player.


    And those are just small samples of the larger games. Good luck trying to re-discover an indie game that hasn't lost all of its steam and turned into some random guy's "pet project" that only 1 or 2 people log into each month.


    MMO gaming these days is pretty much a corpse of what it once was. What were once vibrant communities that many MMO's had are now hate-filled cesspools filled with brain-dead teenagers. Free to Play destroyed most of what made MMO's a "community" as any Tom Dick or Harry can now log in, play long enough to wreak havoc and log out without caring anything about the actual game. Other, older game communities are filled with "vets" who have spent so long in game they couldn't care less about a newbie who's barely scraping by running petty quests for hours on end, and then wonder why no new players are joining.


    Better to find some enjoyment in single-player games or the more MMO-FPS genre where the playing field is at least semi level.

  • Cuppett5Cuppett5 Member UncommonPosts: 154
    Try Tera
  • RaquisRaquis Member RarePosts: 1,018

    every time I say mmo`s out there are crap I get banned LOL!

    ill load ESO again but will not re sub.they screwed me out of money in my opinion,just to play for a week till the only good game of 2015 comes BLOODBORNE!

  • GungaDinGungaDin Member UncommonPosts: 514

    MMORPG's are dead.  I went back to retro gaming old single player RPG's (bards take, legacy of ancients, Ultima 4,5,6,7 etc)  

    I see zero future for MMO's in general.  The only one i'm enjoying is GW2, I still feel its currently the best MMO.  DO NOT fall for Kickstarter MMO's.  They have zero chance with goals of 800k lol.  You are gonna end up very disappointed.  

  • MardukkMardukk Member RarePosts: 2,222
    Try something way out of your comfort zone.  I was desperate (I despise linear quest hub themeparks) and only had old school MMO's to turn to.  So I tried Darkfall and found a level of freedom that EQ1 had.  It turns out my irritation with occasional PvP was lower than my desire for freedom from linear quests/being told what to do.
  • SaunZSaunZ Member UncommonPosts: 472

    how can you not like ESO?  it is fun and looks great.  I think it has a nice community of peepz that help.  every time I get stuck or in trouble peepz always seem to show up to help out or give advice.  when I ask questions in general chat there aren't that many smartie pants answers... I always get the answer or help without having to google.


    I don't know, since I came back to ESO it seems to be a lot better than when I left.  I am excited about the ramp up of people that are getting ready for the new patch and model.


    ESO = fun


    Sz  :o)




  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051
    I was going to suggest Star Trek Online too. Technically until end game is a solo experience. At endgame you can queue for PvE matches that will reward one of the currencies needed to improve gear or buy fleet (guild) ships. Don't remember if there is an specific PvP stat that grants early full time players God like stats against casual one's like WOW or Swtor do.

    And that grouping is entirely optional because you can buy a ship from the market.
  • LithuanianLithuanian Member UncommonPosts: 441

    it did not read all of 3 pages.

    My reccomendations:

    Istaria:Chronicles of the Gifted

    Really free to play: all content avauilable, all quests, all skills, inventories etc. Restrictions for free players: only Human race, cannot own land.

    Community: small. Pros - noit so much competition for that valuable ore or wood; community itself is very helpfull.

    Multiclassing: finish all battle and crafting schhols.

    Player driven economy, including player plotds at strategic locations serving as crafting stations.

    Grind:initially - very little. As you multiclass, you will find yourself in a grindy position. Building may mean grind, but it pays off.


    Lord of the rings online

    Free to play with conditions: some regions are free, others - purchasable with Turbine points or ca$h. Restriction for free users removable with Turbine points mostly.

    Turibine points: now are hard to earn for a new player.

    Community: normal size and mostly helpfull.

    Economy: Auction house / loot driven.

    At top levels game is almost completely based on random number generator. You fight in territory A and get a lootbox. There could be tokens of territory A...or tokens of territory B. Or territoroy C. If you have luck, good for you.

    Content tending to force-grouping and hardcore, at top levels. Good, if you are fan of this.

    Grind: medium. Initilaly "kill XYZ grulets" is not evil. later, we have some really evil slayer deeds.

    Pros: heavy lore orientated. If you like Tolkien and cannot miss Gandalf + mr. Frodo - you may enjoy it.


    Both games are PvE with only optional PvP.


  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051
    The only problem with STO is that uses the same account as Neverwinter and all the other PWE Arc games. So you need to recover your account first. Or create a nwe one.
  • AkulasAkulas Member RarePosts: 2,702
    Only little indie ones with small populations

    This isn't a signature, you just think it is.

  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051
    Force grouping in ESO?

    And can you group in that game? Oh wait, you can group but some can see a mob and pick up items while some can't. No no no, some can complete it, some can't, and others get stuck. I hope grouping is not required because while today it may be 10x better, at release was terrible. Worst than SWTOR release bugs imo.

    But jokes aside, MMOs are based on an endless quest for progression. And practically all MMOs has an aspect of grinding, either mats, money or gear. Some of that grind can be solo, some is not. Again MMOs are supposed to be played alongside other people, kind of a co-op shooter map. Single player RPGs may be more of your liking.
  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051
    Also if want that solo feeling without a forced grouping try Defiance. Is an MMO, but with a tactical kind of feel. You get rewards for participation in events, but no grouping necessary.
  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051
    And the missions are solo
  • madazzmadazz Member RarePosts: 2,051
    Forced grouping in ESO? Are you on frickin crack?
  • madazzmadazz Member RarePosts: 2,051
    Originally posted by NightHaveN
    I was going to suggest Star Trek Online too. Technically until end game is a solo experience. At endgame you can queue for PvE matches that will reward one of the currencies needed to improve gear or buy fleet (guild) ships. Don't remember if there is an specific PvP stat that grants early full time players God like stats against casual one's like WOW or Swtor do.

    And that grouping is entirely optional because you can buy a ship from the market.

    ESO has no forced grouping at all. You can solo all the way to the highest level and then your veteran ranks without any help or needless grinding. I know because I did it.

  • madazzmadazz Member RarePosts: 2,051

    Sorry I was gonna walk away but this thread is all kinds of fail.

    He complains nosgoth, a non mmo is not an MMO so its not good enough. He then goes on to try Dark souls?!??!? Why even try Nosgoth to begin with? Anyone with a 5th grade reading level can see neither of these games are an MMO. You don't even need to look hard.

    Also, as for Neverwinter, I've forgotten my login 2x since it started due to breaks, and there is only the standard "forgot password" type of hoops to go through. Its not much. Its just an email.

    Albion Online is an MMO in alpha... its NOT the place you want to get your MMO fix. On the site it even states this, and states the small window for the alpha test.

    ESO has no forced grouping at all.

    Shroud of the Avatar admits fully up front that youll have issues. On top of it, OP said he was against paying for access to an unfinished game, yet he did so for Shroud of the Avatar?!?!


    Seriously... why are you guys even trying to help him?

  • NightHaveNNightHaveN Member UncommonPosts: 1,051
    Or you can download a WOW private server and have your local copy of Azeroth all for yourself, including God mode 1 hit kill anything. But probably you will get bored within 10 mins because you're alone in a huge world.
  • vkejaivkejai Member UncommonPosts: 99
    Hi , I would recommend to you Star Wars the Old Republic online and Dark Age of Camelot Genesis . Both free , SWTOR does have a monthly sub if you want more things in game tho.
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