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Hardcore, open world, post-apocalyptic, mmo, 3rd person, shooter. Might not be what you want but mig

KamofilaKamofila Member UncommonPosts: 116

First off i will clarify that by open world, i mean not "instanced". Though you may travel between zones they are shared completely, even "dungeon" type areas.

I'm having fun, but their is latency issues cause its based in Russia and I'm in Ari-freakin-zona.  But honestly its not that bad. I have no problem shooting targets and making contact.  You only really notice latency issues when you are running/sprinting and it will "hick-up" every now and then. Who knows, more popularity might bring an American-based server.  They even have an english forum section where mods/devs actually comment and take feedback into consideration.


The game is on 0.8.something beta build and the game is already legit imo. It is slightly difficult but i have actually been able to find some Russians that speak decent english to help me out a little.  Honestly i really don't care to speak much more of it cause i'de rather everyone experience it for themselves.

The game is slightly difficult but not necessarily in the combat aspect.  Even if some of the missions are not terribly translated(some are still not translated but i've only ran into a few and in most cases i could still complete). The quests do never tell you where to go and make you explore(no quest markers AT ALL)


In conclusion, this game is free, straight up FREE.  I still have not paid a dime.  There might be some slightly P2W aspects i have noticed. IE unlocking some better guns early and their subscription gives 2x-XP (at a wopping 6 bucks or so). But as a mostly PVE game(though there is open world pvp pretty much everywhere, be it at this point almost pointless other than to label yourself a bandit/bounty hunter/murderer) the p2w aspects are marginalized.


You might not like it, but i feel a lot of people on these forums waiting for something great might be interested and maybe even help this game progress and build!



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  • KamofilaKamofila Member UncommonPosts: 116
    If anyone has questions i will help best i can, still pretty new to the game myself. but honestly at a price of $Free.99 give it a go.

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  • KamofilaKamofila Member UncommonPosts: 116


    Amazing day night cycle and the graphics are not the best, but still pretty amazing.  The lighting is actually spectacular(though i have all ground foliage turned off cause it gets in the way of seeing some of the smaller mobs to shoot them).

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  • HowbadisbadHowbadisbad Member UncommonPosts: 453

    Hi there, welcome to Stalker-Online game! Stalker Online is a multiplayer game with good graphics, lots of interesting quests and deep atmosphere of post-apocalyptic world.

    Is this an MMO or is it a multiplayer game like dayz?

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  • KamofilaKamofila Member UncommonPosts: 116
    MMO all the way. 1 server and then one PTS server.

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  • rojoArcueidrojoArcueid Member EpicPosts: 10,557

    i cant find any info of this company licensing the Stalker IP to make this game. They can get in trouble and i want no part in it.


    The legit version of Stalker Online is called Survarium and its being developed by Vostok games, one of the two successors of the now dissolved Stalker developer GSC Game World. The other successor is 4A Games (makers of the Metro games).

  • KamofilaKamofila Member UncommonPosts: 116
    First of all Survarium is a match based pvp game with no open world features added yet, and 2nd who the fuck cares.  Stalker is no longer an IP that is owned by any one company. 2 companies are actually in dispute about who owns the rights.  Another thing is that it is called Stalker Online. Not S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Online, which is honestly enough of a difference for it not to matter. Those are stupid reasons not to try what could potentially be a game you like, even if they have to change the name eventually.

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