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[The Progenitor][Republic] Binary Sunset is Recruiting!

Kitty-monsterKitty-monster Member CommonPosts: 4

Binary Sunset is a longstanding Republican guild on the lookout for You – a mature, friendly and prestige-less player who thrives in doing team-oriented PvE content with likeminded individuals.

While our focus lie on endgame raiding we gladly accept anyone who has the right qualifications in terms of personality and is looking for a new home with fun and social friends to be, regardless of current level or which aspect of the game you are interested in.

We are currently looking to expanding our raiding roster. And right now are especially interested in Ranged Damage Dealers and Healers: if you feel comfortable in either role and would like to eventually dig your way into Hard Mode raiding, apply to us!


Our Website | Apply For Membership


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