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Hunger, Thirst and Tyranny

Hi all,

In our project we are possibly looking at three main constant monitors player's will need to watch out for.

Hunger and Thirst will pretty much work the same way as in DayZ (For those that have played it), failing keep those monitors up, and you will notice the effects being hungry or thirsty can make (i.e. degrading your skillset until replenished).

Tyranny on the other hand is a new feature we would like to add (Unsure if this has been added by other projects). This hoping to end the Kill on Sight of other players. This would increase the more you kill players for an unlawful reason.

This is a Medieval MMO we are working on as per my blog post in the signature. Would Fantasy MMO players like to see this in game? Or is it yet another monitor they have to look at.

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