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DA:I review

RusqueRusque Member RarePosts: 2,784

DA: Inquisition is a 6/10 game that you should absolutely play and is worth the money. So how does a 6/10 game warrant your time and money? Well, simply put, DA:I is greater than the sum of its parts. While most features in game are lack luster or poorly done, the game when taken as a whole entity is really quite good, I'll break it down below. I'll start with the bad news first:

Combat - Here we have a system that fails as action combat, fails as tactical combat, and utterly fails as a hybrid. If you try to play it as an action game, you'll be frustrated at it's gross limitations in terms of movement, variation in abilities, and how banal the combat is. If you try to play it as a tactics game, prepare to be appalled by the terrible top down camera, the incredibad AI, the 360 damage enemy swings and the fact that unless you literally turn off every single ability, every party member has, by the time you've issued a command and unpaused the game to see it play out, they've already used their other abilities incorrectly and managed to fail at positioning.

Crafting - The system isn't too bad, and thankfully Bioware was cognizant of the mess they made and gave us unlimited crafting material inventory. It's a case of, sure crafting can be kinda decent, but only if you enjoy A LOT of gathering. Each zone has its own materials and each time you pick one up you sit through the animation, even if it is just 2 seconds, after a few hundred times, you realize a couple hours of your game time has been dedicated to picking up stuff for the sake of +2 to a stat. Wheeee! The easy way to craft, of course, is to just remove upgrade components from looted gear and put it on gear you want. But then this bypasses the entirety of the crafting system as you no longer care about mats and schematics. Hmmm, not well thought out.

Story - Typical "accidental hero rises up to beat a clearly evil bad guy" trope. It is what it is. And what it is, is bad. Choices are also meaningless, so that's no fun.

Characters - Mixed bag, couple interesting ones, but I think they tried a bit too hard to be "unconventional" while somehow still managing to be boring most of the time.

Game world & questing - Feels really disconnected from the main story and stuff like finding shards is really unrewarding and seemingly has been added as filler to pad the amount of time it takes to complete the game. Kinda sad.

Okay, now the good news:

Combat - So if the game sucks as an action game and the game sucks as a tactical game, how can combat be good? Well, at a certain point in the game (I'm not doing spoilers if you haven't noticed) you and party members get their class specialization trees! Wohoo! These trees show a completely different thought process than the base trees. They have something called - synergy. So while the action and tactics still suck, you gain real quality depth in party builds. As in, you can build out groups that really mesh well and to great effect. And that makes combat a lot more fun and a lot more satisfying.

Those Epic Moments - When you get to them, they're so so good. They really just make you slow down and say WOW this is awesomesauce.

Dragons - Look, do yourself a favor. Don't use guides, don't use glitches/exploit, just play, it'll be worth it. The dragon fights are tough and long and require effort, and they're so satisfying to triumph over. If you cheese it, you'll only be ruining one of the great things about this game, and you're just ruining it for yourself.

Game world/atmosphere - It is expansive, and wondrous, and so well done. Really top notch and I think this is where bioware claws back the game from falling into bland terribleness. If you kind of forget about the main quest and play the game as an exploration/journey game you'll find it to be one of the best RPG's. There's so much to digest and see, you really get a feeling that the team in charge of world building/lore is a magnificent crew and the people who did the functional mechanics of combat are just there for a paycheck. Bioware could have completely removed the main story, and instead of "accidental hero vs baddie" it could be "adventurer goes adventuring, founds the inquisition and slowly gains power." That would have made a much better story as that's really the story of your character and the evil baddie is just a trope because someone was lazy.

Anyway, in the end, it's a must play game. A game that succeeds despite its many flaws.

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