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Console GTAV Coop Question(s)

RollieJoeRollieJoe Member UncommonPosts: 451

Hey all, I've got some basic questions about GTA V on the console.  First, I know nothing about modern console gaming.  The last console I owned was a PS2.  Basically, I want to know what 2 people would need to play GTA V on a console together.  If the answer is different for PS4 vs Xbox1 then please specify that as well.


For example, at an absolute minimum would we need 2 consoles, 2 games, 2 online subscriptions to whatever service consoles use (if any?  I have no idea), and of course 2 TV's?    Or is there some way for us to play together with just 1 console/1 game?  Or without online subs? 




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