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Pre-Kickstarter Contest

Originally posted here by Elyssia:

With the Kickstarter launch only days away, we want to celebrate the contributions and support of this community with a contest that will allow you all to show us exactly how creative our fans can be!

Keeper Bartal is the foremost researcher on the fauna of TerVarus. He spends his days recording information on all the life forms he encounters throughout his travels. We challenge you, our amazing fans, to write your own beastiary entry on an entirely new and unique species. Entries must follow the style of Bartal's entries and must focus on a non-civilized creature. In 500 words or less, describe the appearance of the creature, any unique behaviors, its diet, preferred habitat, and possible reasons humans might hunt it or avoid it.

Entries must be posted as a reply to this thread by February 18th at 4AM EST/1AM PT (yes, that's in the morning). The developers will vote for their favorite and the winner will be announced immediately prior to the Kickstarter launch on February 19th. Entries that describe popular creatures from other games, copyrighted or otherwise, will be automatically disqualified. Contest is limited to one entry per person. The winning entry writer will be awarded a prize bag of goodies and their creature will be brought to life in Trials of Ascension!

Disclaimer: By submitting an entry, you agree to transfer all rights of your entry to Forged Chaos LLC.

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