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The community aspect of this game is wild.

klagmireklagmire Member UncommonPosts: 95

I bought a decent comp for this game because its the best FPSMMO out hands down and sub.

The community aspect is soo hardcore though.

First of all most interaction is by voip, be ingame or a TS or wentrillo. Plus its a military minded game and not a questing MMO, keep that in mind. There is also chat tabs, but that's not how to play this game. helps though.

Soo I've been playing almost since launch and have found a lot of awesome players, and a lot of penis face players. the Penis face players are some outfit leaders and players who wont jeopardize their Kill death ratio to try and take a point, They just follow the zerg and hang on their coattails. Getting kills to pad the KDR.

Then their are other outfits who push some contested points with all they got, be it 3 squads or 2. And that's all they have. They have heart and courage and don't worry about the KDR. they want to Take a territory, and that's what the game is about.

Anyway, were talking about a game with thousands on one server trying to battle out a finite amount of territory

Just wanted to point out the diverse and integrated community aspect of this game. Quasi- Military style. But IMO, sometimes its defiantly not military(as much as the commanders and squad leaders want it to be):) 


Played:SWG(pre NGE/CU sucked)Yep its true, anyone who quit SWG because of the NGE/CU missed out on a much better combat system. DCUO, Fallen Earth, STO, The Secret World. Battlefield series. Planetside 2. Still playing SWG.


  • DullahanDullahan Member EpicPosts: 4,519
    I really enjoyed playing PS2 off and on.  Its a game that can be so rewarding if you get in an outfit that is being run well with squad leaders that manage their squad members.  I've never really seen anything like it.  Unfortunately due to bugs I can't play the game anymore.  It is a blast though.  Lol'd at penis face players.

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