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Looking For a MMORPG

GucciwareGucciware Member UncommonPosts: 3
Hello, Welcome, Bonjour, Hola.
Hello my name is Thomas, I am a mmorpg player. I am in need of help to find a game. I have played mmorpgs for a long time and I have finally decided to come to the community for help... 
Good-High graphics (I like games visually appealing like Blade and soul, and Black desert.) 
Action Combat (Like Tera or Guild Wars 2)
Job Advancements (Similar to Latale or Elsword just a game that gives me an objective to get better)
End Level Content (Things that will keep me engaged a long time)
Fun to play w/ friends (something that is fun to play w/ my buds w/ Raids, quests, Fun things to do ect.)
Customization (chars look cool)
Diverse Crafting/Enchancing (im a freak with this stuff lol.)
If these aren't possible then just gotta find something else :/ Please help anythings appreciated
My favorite Class is rouge w/ dagger/pistol or dual daggers that play like gw2 
Bonus: (things appreciated but not required)
Good PVP (arena, siege, WvW)
Large Playerbase 
Future games:i.e SWTOR  DC Universe ect
Games w/ large P2W 
Genderlocked Classes
I know i am pretty much asking for the most impossible mmorpg but if a game follows most of this please reply w/ a link and pros and cons if you can. image Thanks
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