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For New & Not So New Eve Online Adventurers.

FedayginFedaygin Member UncommonPosts: 45 Relaxed Markeedragon flying in beautiful Eve Online. His awesome Grey Beard makes enemies bow & salute & sometimes surrender. He is adventurer with nice attitude and he lives in US Lightning Capital and his house has been hit by lightning for couple times. Melted cables and so on. Maybe Thor or Zeus don't like his awesome Gaming Pit setup. Though that does look amaziing :P He has very nice guides and business advices and own well working Eve shop access. Here is image for this uber good gaming pit:image

- Terry-

"Recycle, Reduce Single Plastic Use & Use Fabric Groceries Bag"
Good ol Arcade Games & more inc. later. Gather enough Tokens to buy autom. miners. Games have 6x levels & increase mining powah as go up. 1k Satoshi Coins through: Enjoy.

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