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Games we all used to play.

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So I was thinking about this for a little bit, about how there was games that we all used to play, and how there was elements in each game that made it unique in its own way, perhaps the game held onto you for a couple of years before you realized that the game was going down hill and that you wanted to play a game of higher caliber or perhaps you might be still playing it occasionally. 

I in no way am knocking these games I am just pointing out some of the gameplay elements in the game that leads a gamer to it initially and then later leads them away, or perhaps you just might be that gamer who still enjoys a few PVP rounds in Rune Scape. Regardless can we take a second to discuss what might of made these games good and what made them bad, and if interested add a game to the list and we can talk about it to.


Rune Scape: I did mention this game in the introductory, but this is because I was hooked in this game for the longest time. if anyone remembers far enough back to the games roots, Rune Scape 1 and 2 were just small flares in our eyes. 

This game was unique to me being a beginner gamer to the online world, and I would like to guess that a lot of you reading this might of started in the Rune Scape world as well, it was free, easy and intriguing. The combat system was someone lacking in my opinion, it was a weird mixture of a turn based game that was out side of a fighting sequence.

Now I'm not saying that this can't be successfully achieved, its a fighting style that is used in a lot of online games. However when they did it it was oddly strange, like you were just watching a fight go down and you weren't really involved in it. (Except unless you were doing a mini game or PVP/// That crap is REAL MAN!) It made grinding tough and boring. Repetitive and not very social. I am a pretty social guy and I demand a MMO where I can be equally social with the crowd while I intensely fight. However in a game like RuneScape (that is if you wanted to really achieve the awards) You had to separate your self from the others as so that they don't Kill Steal, and even if you did only have one buddy with you, it wasn't a really intimate experience. 

You didn't feel like perhaps you were accomplishing something.


Maple Story: Now I know all I have mentioned is FTP games, and that is probably  because that is the most experience I have had, but Maple Story I feel made a good improvement to grinding with buddies, you could on Que. be fighting enemies and not be bothered by a couple of buddies, they made a party system that was genius in my opinion, it not only made it possible to speak to the  people in the channel but also to speak privately to a group, 

Now this could also be said of other MMO with Guilds and parties, but this also had another benefit, you could share experience, take time to heal to make it very social. Talking in-between a few kills made conversations easy and fun. Also with constant events going on it made also for a good reason to keep coming back to achieve the next random event. Also like most games we love to compete and co-op with buddies in groups, Not to big of a group because that makes it superficial with the people we are with, but having 4-6 people in a group makes it so you can really get to know the people you are with or at least have conversation that is better then asking the one person the common "Ask about them" questions.

Where this game is lacking perhaps is it does loose its light quickly, the game got a little too nerf and a little to common player. Which is fine but turned me away eventually, also they took away the element to want to to Party Quests. You can never find people to play them anymore which in my opinion is why you played the game.


Wonderland Online: Now if anyone has played this game they will know what I mean when I say, "What the heck is going on?! Where do I go? What do I do?!"

Now I say this but however if you do try to sit down for 30 min playing this game, you may know only as much playing the game as what you could probably read on the wiki. Your a person, you are on a ship, you crash land, meet a guy that will have nothing to do with you in about 2 min, get to the real game. Getting lost.

Now I have heard controversy about this, some people are very fond of a game that they have to figure out (Dwarf Fortress), however I feel that a better navigation system or even a quest log would be really helpful. When you play this game you have to write everything down so that you don't get lost and forget about a quest your doing, in all reality you could be moving along and all the sudden it go's to a cut scene and you surprised because it was a quest that you were doing previously and had forgotten about it. 

I have said enough about why I think this game lacks, The combat system is actually very interesting, Ever played Pokemon before and said to your self, "This combat system is extremely basic and there is nothing beneath the surface that I need to be aware of." Well your partially right, if you only plan on playing by your self forever that works just fine for this situation. However Your NOT that kind of gamer. You want to compete, heck, that is why your playing a MMO in the first place, yes Oblivion was really fun, but you still wanted to compete with others. 

There is no different here, there is a really groovy multiplier system in the game that makes exp farming and fighting all that much more immersive. Your fire user will give a attack up to both your creature and yourself and when you attack at the same time you get a, Not 1 + 1 = 2 damage. Not even a 2 + 2 = 4 damage you would get somthing more like this. (2 * 2) * (2 * 2)  = 8. Every time a player attacks with another player it give you huge damage increase and also huge exp increase. Finally another game that encourages you to play with other people, rewards you for playing with other people, BUT doesn't force you to do it.

Add to this if you would like and also lets talk about other games as well. I'm down for that.


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