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Question about the story

Hi, I saw this game when they first mentioned it on this site and I was really curious about the game and how it would be, but I know this is based off a book and I was wondering if anyone could maybe fill me in on just a little bit about what the history of Conan is or maybe a good way to find out? thanks

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  • CorpusCaseusCorpusCaseus Member UncommonPosts: 2

    Conan was created by a writer named Robert E. Howard. The books are generally a collection of short stories by himself and other authors who finished stories (after Robert E. Howards death) from rough sketches or notes. I believe there were 12 books collecting the "original" stories which follwed the timeline of Conan from age 16 or so, until his 60's when he becomes King (of Aquilonia?, its been about 20 years since I've read them so my memory may be a little sketchy here....)

  • NFWolfDudeNFWolfDude Member Posts: 304

    First off, it's cool these boards are here, I am sure they are going to get a lot of use in the future.

    Anyway back to the question at hand, history:

    Here's a timeline of Conan's adventures, it is a great resource, I wish I was the author but give credit to the person who put up the site, I just found it and put this link here for everyone:


    Enjoy ::::20::


  • WhiteknightWhiteknight Member Posts: 82

    Thanks for the info, will read up on some of it. Hopefully the game turns out as indepth as the books seem to be.

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  • RagalornRagalorn Member Posts: 75

    Also Whitenight, this game is based off Robert E. Howards vision of Conan, dont be confused by Marvel comics version or the hollywood version.

    If you get a chance read the original stories, Del Rey books just put together a collection of much of Howards stories into two books. The stories are fast paced and intense, really good reads.

  • WhiteknightWhiteknight Member Posts: 82

    allright thanks for the info, I will see if I can maybe get ahold of one of the books later and see how I like them,

    It's a good day to beleive

  • JabberwokkyJabberwokky Member Posts: 58
    Oh dudes I thought this was somehow about Conan Brien's show for some reason. I remember now that there is a movie with a barbarian called Conan, too. Never saw it though!
  • arvainisarvainis Member Posts: 548

    Originally posted by Jabberwokky
    Oh dudes I thought this was somehow about Conan Brien's show for some reason. I remember now that there is a movie with a barbarian called Conan, too. Never saw it though!

    Surely U Jest

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  • DeeLionsDeeLions Member Posts: 2
    Robert E. Howard committed suicide, and the game is based of his books.  That should let you know about the dark feel of this game.  This game is set after the book where Conan has become king.  One long term goal of the player is to meet Conan.  I do not know much about the story, but I feel highlights from that timeline are enough to understand the game.
  • spardspard Member Posts: 17

    So im assuming that this game will be good to solo loner types that like to be PVE ?


  • LosingplayerLosingplayer Newbie CommonPosts: 10
    edited October 2019
    No good for PvE unless you enjoy Minecraft 
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