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Returning worth it ?

ReskalReskal Member UncommonPosts: 54

Hi there, i played DAoC in 2001 already(this was the first year ?), and still have a heart for it.

Played on a freeshared for a while also, but its not the same, so i would like to know, how is the actual community in us-shards, and pvp ? Is crafting worth it, are there many people or dead servers ?

Would be cool to give me an overview, thanks in advance.



  • shamus252shamus252 Member UncommonPosts: 226
    Not high jacking your thread, but this is something id like to know also.

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  • SolicfireSolicfire Member UncommonPosts: 462

    Check out the Dev stream tonight you may like what you see

    I think this game is still the best pvp game out there, I also think the revamp of Darkness Falls has improved the PvE in game but you can also explore the old zones which are still have the old school raids around such as ToA, SI and catacombs. The Population of this game is riseing every week and it seems a lot of returning players are coming back to the game including new players also. 

    If you do decide to come back make sure you get your 14 day trial that is on your account when you return, if you are new you can also do a 14 day trial to see if you like the game.

    I would try this game out because I've enjoyed it for the last 6-7 years I've been playing and never gets old or boring. 

  • ScorchienScorchien Member EpicPosts: 5,640
    Still great  game with good pop of dedicated community ...... sooo  yes
  • ReskalReskal Member UncommonPosts: 54
    Thanks guys, you really made me hungggggry for beloved good old daoc :)
  • Pratt2112Pratt2112 Member UncommonPosts: 1,636

    Well, I went back to give it another go, annnnnnd... yeah.. I won't be continuing.

    Why? Because, right from the start, with the new player/character experience, the game is Broken.

    Combat feels clunky as hell to begin with. But what makes it worse, is the hit-or-miss nature of attacking. I don't mean whether I hit the target or not. Rather, I mean whether or not the game will actually follow through on the commands I'm giving it. I'm pressing attacks, and there's a 50/50 chance it'll work the first time.. or I might have to try it again.  Broken.

    I'm trying to use the shining blade combo, and even though the first/opening attack goes off, half of the time, when I press the follow-up attack, it says I have to first use Shining Blade. Now, I'm watching the combat log... I am using the opener, and it's showing in-game (animation, damage, etc)... So... I'm clearly using the opener, but the game randomly doesn't acknowledge that I'm using the opener. Makes combat interesting, let me tell you.


    Occasionally, either myself, or the target will take damage... but neither of us swung our swords. So, random damage happening, for no reason. Maybe someone's throwing rocks?

    My connection speed here is fine, and the performance monitor was good, so it wasn't - or shouldn't have been - lag.


    The mouse/camera control is screwed up like I've never seen. Sometimes the mouse wheel to zoom in/out works... sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I have to press right mouse button to turn the character, sometimes I don't. Sometimes there's a mouse cursor. Sometimes there isn't. I'm not toggling the camera mode (F11). This is just happening at random, on its own, with no input from me.


    The last straw was trying to do the quest where you kill the Albion Invaders with their trebuchets, then work your way up to the Commanders (I believe it was Commanders). Anyway... I get to the Commanders, whom I'm advised to pull away one at a time and deal with them. Sure, makes sense. Except you can't, because there's 2 of them standing right next to each other. They both aggroed me and, being Orange - I could have taken 1, but definitely not 2. So I run and jump into the water. 

    That's not the Broken part. That's just really crappy design - putting two higher difficulty enemies right next to each other for a newbie quest. Why not just have one? They respawn fast enough, seemingly within seconds of being killed. Stupid.


    This is where the Broken part comes in...

    They started off well behind me, but somehow caught up to me instantly. Not by swimming. No no. By warping. I kid you not. They went from being a good distance behind me, to being directly behind me, leap-frogging over one another, through the water, taking shots at me. It was the quirkiest, most ridiculous thing I've seen in a long time.

    To make matters worse, while they're already moving faster than I can at normal speed, I'm also slowed because I'm in combat. So there's no chance of me getting away. I get down to between 1/3 and 1/2 of my HP, when suddenly one of those "phantom damage" things I mentioned above happens, and I'm dead. 

    Broken. Broken. Broken.

    I don't know what this new company is doing to the game since they took it over, but they seriously screwed things up, at least in the new player/character section. I remember the beginning of DAoC being a lot more stable, less quirky and far more fun when Mythic was still in control.

    I suppose it's not a big deal when you're already beyond all that - at least I hope it's better. For me, it's just too screwed up to enjoy the experience. Any opportunity for fun gameplay is marred by broken gameplay and programming.

    Very disappointing.


    On a positive note, the newer artwork/graphics looks pretty nice, especially considering its age. So there's that.

  • ReskalReskal Member UncommonPosts: 54
    Do you eventually play from a phone modem ? 
  • Pratt2112Pratt2112 Member UncommonPosts: 1,636
    Originally posted by Reskal
    Do you eventually play from a phone modem ? 

    Do I eventually play from a phone modem?

    That doesn't really make sense.  Not sure what you're trying to say there.

    But... if you were attempting to ask about my connection speed, or perhaps imply that my connection is the problem... well, I'll let this picture answer you.

    I did this speed test just before posting my reply.

    My connection wasn't/isn't the problem. I play other online games, with servers all around the world, in other parts of the US, in other countries, etc. None of them perform as badly as DAoC did.

    The problem isn't my connection. It's the game performance.

  • GravebladeGraveblade Member UncommonPosts: 464

    Pratt honestly it sounds to me more like you are not used to the old engine that daoc is on. Reason for why I am assuming this could be the case is because I see no reason why alot of the things you mentioned would change due to another company running the game.


    There always used to be warping of enemies sometimes, the combat system always had a bit of a delay and strafing and movement control is a bit slow and can feel cumbersome until you are used to it. These are all things people got used to ater a while when playing daoc and in some cases actually contribute to the fun, like the positional combat. There are things you would do to ensure attacks land like using the hotkey to stick to your target and such.

    Started playing mmorpg's in 1996 and have been hooked ever since. It began with The Kingdom of Drakkar, Ultima Online, Everquest, DAoC, WoW...
  • caveogre72caveogre72 Member UncommonPosts: 30

    I'm still waiting on "classic"

    They said they were making classic but it still had newer parts/classes/races in it.

    I absolutely think expansions killed this game instead of help it.

    Although, i make an exception for Catacombs, I really liked the art upgrade and alot of the content.

  • xpowderxxpowderx Member UncommonPosts: 2,078
    I am rejoining today.  Although I am going fresh start.  No need to bring up my old account.  Think being a newbie and doing it over will be fun.  I normally play midgard or hibernia.  I think this time around ill be playing Albion.
  • LokyLoky Member UncommonPosts: 182
    Expansions ruin games

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