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So.. what mmo's u guys playin now?

StealthmoeStealthmoe Member Posts: 16

I'm currently playing WoW.



  • puffdragonpuffdragon Member Posts: 122
    wrong forum...this one is about impeimageimagerator, not general discussion.
  • SenuvenSenuven Member Posts: 51

    The reason people like to know what MMO's are being played currently is to see what style of players are looking at this game. All the fan boys and e peen waggers must be out in force on this forum. No wonder they dont want PvP.

    I play Lineage 2

    Anarchy online, Eve, Everquest, Earth and Beyond, Planetside, CS/HL, DaOC, EQ2. Some of those and others were played since beta, but currently I am in Lineage2. oooh and I checked out guild wars.

    To error is human, to forgive is devine. Neither are US Marine Corps doctrine.

  • puffdragonpuffdragon Member Posts: 122
    geez sorry, just thought he might like to know this isnt the general discussion forum. Thought maybe he posted in the wwrong forum considering how hitting the general discussion button takes you back to the last forum you were in.
  • etruscanetruscan Member Posts: 130

    Originally posted by Stealthmoe

    I'm currently playing WoW.

    Currently awaiting Auto Assault... and, of course, Imperator.

    I have subscribed to SWG, Matrix Online, City of Heroes, and Eve Online as well. All of them are good games, but like any game... you get tired of it after a while. For my money... Eve Online remains the best MMO I've played overall.


  • absharabshar Member Posts: 33

    wait ur playing imperator?


  • AnofalyeAnofalye Member Posts: 7,433

    Currently I am not playing any MMO.


    I am enjoying Imperial Glory, but it wont last 2 weeks before I am bored with it(I dont do the real time battle, not my cup of tea like some folks say).


    Althought I have high doubts, I am hyped toward Imperator to an extend and have a clear interest in the game.


    It would prolly have been better to ask peoples to rate all their MMO experience, or their best.


    So here are my 2 favorites:

    1- CoH.

    2- EQ(LDoN expensions rule)


    But like I said, I am not currently playing any. 

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  • SenuvenSenuven Member Posts: 51

    Good idea Anofalye. I played allot of games over the years (I started when EQ first came out, and the Shiny Brass halberd was a REALLLLLLY cool weapon and Serp Bracers were worn on the best of the Rangers) so EQ will have to be top of the list.

    Anarchy Online. GREAT game, HORRIBLE release which some people based their whole opinion on that. PvP was set up in a good way until it was time to defend or attack towers. AWESOME Dev and customer service team.... for the most part. They had events for every holiday (even american ones, as Funcom is in Oslo primarily)

    Eve Online. Bottom of list for me. Anofalye, I noticed your signature, and I can guess thats why you like Eve. For me it is the opposite. I like the social interaction allot, and in Eve I didn't see much of that at all. Plus I like allot more fighting than mining. I even had a friend who was in some big guild help me get cool ships and stuff. It just didn't peak my interest.

    Earth and Beyond. I played in Beta, and felt it was not worth paying for. Guess I was correct

    Planetside. Great set up, but too many children barking out "Im BRXX and CRXX FOLLOW ME" then the next kid one upping one of his stats and saying follow me. Most of the time I dropped elsewhere and started to take over little bases. Bottom of list for me

    Lineage 2. I like the game, hate the atmosphere so it is middle of list. It has a very traditional Asian gaming style. NC Soft is in Korea, and I think allot of the input for the game came locally. You have to work VERY VERY hard to obtain currency or items. Most people in North America release ended up buying currency off of IGE.. not cool.

    Just some personal insight on some of the games I have played. For now I am cool with Counter Strike source and will remain there until a new game comes out.

    To error is human, to forgive is devine. Neither are US Marine Corps doctrine.

  • McGrayMcGray Member UncommonPosts: 9

    I am currently playing WoW mainly, but I started with Anarchy and will continue playing it in the near future to prepare for Lost Eden.

    I have just canceld my City of Heroes subscription due to lack of time, but I generally liked the very straightforward approach of it and the graphics are awesome, playing a superheros is coooool. image

    Before CoH I tried Lineage 2 becaus I love the graphics of the game, but like it was said before, to buy ingame stuff with real money to improve in a game is not my style so I canceld it after some month of playing.

    Tried also EQ2 for a while but had to notice that on one hand my PC is technically not good enough any more to really enjoy the game and it's awesome graphics and on the other hand it is to timeconsuming so it was either Anarchy or EQ2....

    I decided for AO because I like Sci-Fi a bit more.

    I've tried Necron 2 (10-day-trial) for one evening together with a friend and it was a horrible experience...the community was rude, unfriendly, not helping at all...overall graphics are not very good (I know that this is not _that_ much of an importance), just the city design reminded me of Bladerunner or Shadow Run what was quite cool....but only the town being cool is not really sufficient to keep me playing...

    REcently I bought Guild Wars because two friends are playing it...nice graphics, easy gameplay, I like the instancing system and that it's free ^^


    I am waiting for Imperator because it's another Sci-Fi title that promises a depth like Anarchy and many other new and interesting features. And to a big part I like the idea of playing in that What-If-Rome-Never-Fell setting....if anybody here played the Leviathan P&P RPG you know what I mean image

  • MlescaultMlescault Imperator DesignerMember Posts: 2


    History-wise, I spent a lot of time playing UO and EQ when those two games came out. Those were the games that started many of us onto our MMO addictions. After that, AO gave us our first real taste of a Sci-Fi MMO and I got my Omni-Tek Doctor up to level 112 or so before he retired.  In E&B I played a Jenqui Defender and Scout up to the 140s. In SWG I managed to get Master Squad Leader and Master Carbineer in service of the Empire before retiring.  I spent a lot of time with COH, and despite making a zillion new characters, I didn't manage to get any past 30.

    Currently, my friends and I seem to be spliiting our time playing DAOC, EQ2, WoW, and Guild Wars. We're also eagerly looking forward to a lot of the interesting and innovative games in development.



  • StukovStukov Member Posts: 180

    I like the fact that an Imperator Designer has played and liked most of the same games as me. Tis a good sign ;)

    Anyways, right now I'm playing GW/WoW (Don't play either much though)

    Also subscribed to SWG, but haven't played a whole lot. Considering breaking out AO again, since no mattwe what I do, it always draws me back.

  • BillTannerBillTanner Member UncommonPosts: 37

    I'm strictly a sci-fi fan. Was playing SWG for almost a year, but the current problems killed it for me. Now I'm playing Eve. I like it a lot, though it's not the Cat's Pajamas due to the limited social interaction.

  • etruscanetruscan Member Posts: 130

    Originally posted by Mlescault
    I spent a lot of time with COH, and despite making a zillion new characters, I didn't manage to get any past 30.
    Hahaha... COH tends to infect a lot of people with "the zillion character itch". All MMO's should aspire to such a wonderfully flexible and fun character creation system.



  • milhoan6milhoan6 Member CommonPosts: 580

    Right now I am playing World of Warcraft and Guild Wars.  I was subscribed to City of Heroes for around 9 months before I cancelled.  Great game and I will probably be getting back to it soon.  Was also subscribed to The Sims Online and SWG at the same time for aobut 5 months.  Played DAoC for the free month and I had money troubles then so I didn't subscribe.  Played free 14-day buddy trial thing for EQ2.  Liked it, but I like WoW a lot better.  I played World War 2 Online for 1 month before quiting also.  I played EVE Online for the free month and enjoyed it, but I ended up not subscribing. I also played Earth and Beyond for about 6 months. (good game, sad to see it go)

    I know I only included one trial but any major MMO that has/had a trial for it I have tried.  My top MMO games are as follows:

    1. World of Warcraft

    2. City of Heroes

    3. Star Wars Galaxies

    4. Dark Age of Camelot

    5. EVE Online

    6. Earth and Beyond

    7. Everquest

    8. Everquest 2

    9. The Sims Online

    10. World War 2 Online

    Keep in mind that all 10 of these games I LOVED, so even though WW2OL is number 10, I still liked it a lot, I just liked the other games a little better. 

    Also, notice how I didn't rank Guild Wars.  This is because so far, (only lvl 8) it is one of the most boring and unfun games I have played.  However, if I end up liking Guild Wars, I will edit my list and erase all the bad things I have said about Guild Wars.


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