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Star Citizen - The Power Behind the Throne

ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,299

In the recent Around-The-Verse-Episode 29 the conspiracy nutters now FINALLY can see THE POWER BEHIND THE THRONE! CIG Co-Founder and Vice Chairman Ortwin Freyermuth - the infamous DARTH LAWYER !! The soul-less puppeteer that pulls the strings of the Chris "String Puppet" Roberts. The mysterious power that has plotted the downfall of hundredthousands of hapless backer existences. He who has surely syphoned off 95 % of the crowdfunded SC money to pay for his Caribean island, his illegal substances and his private army of half-naked Amazon Vixens, while he strokes white cats and laughs maniacally as his dastardly plan of world dominance via the game industry ripens.


"In episode 29 of Around the Verse the team is back in Santa Monica and we’ve doubled up on the interviews. This week in addition to an interview new community members Jenny Varner & Ryan Archer, we’ve got another interview with Co-Founder and Vice Chairman Ortwin Freyermuth. We’ve also got a new contest to win a Terra Wrap!

This week’s MVP!

4:02 News from Around the Verse
8:31 Bugsmashers
17:18 Customer Service
18:10 Jenny & Ryan Interview
23:47 MVP
24:30 Ortwin Freyermuth Interview
40:52 Terra Wrap Contest
41:58 Sneak Peek
42:16 Closing"


Have fun

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