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Wurm Online the Sandbox MMO - Challenge

SkogSonSkogSon Member Posts: 59

Wurm Online announced a new game mode and server yesterday and I will paste a part of their press release here:

"Wurm Online is uttering a challenge to everyone interested in true and complex Sandbox Games.
Experience the mother of Fantasy Sandbox MMOs for free with a new quicker formula on its hard core and deep mechanics.
In mid February a new fully modifiable Island is released where three kingdoms strive for dominance and control of capture points in full loot PVP.
The island is fully modifiable and persistent over the duration of 2 intense weeks with live highscores, competitions and great prizes for the winners.

Usually Wurm is pretty darn grindy when it comes to skills and such.
But on Challenge everything is quick and fun.
It is still a very complex game do not get me wrong, but if you like niche sandbox games and is curious.
This is the perfect chance to check it our.
I would be happy to answer any questions you might have as I am a propper "Wurmian". ;)

Will be playing there on my char FoxWulf.

You can read more details here in their weekly news post:

Trailer for the game in general can be found here:


Free to live, Free to play!

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