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New Video and New Features for Das Tal

EmissaryEmissary Member UncommonPosts: 15

Hi everyone,


Suzie already posted most of these details on the news feed here, but as I mentioned, I am going to try to be more vocal here and chat about what we have going on.

The new video was originally something we created to give our testers a resource to refer to when learning all the skills in game, but we figured it might actually show people who are new to the game a little of how the combat works, so I hope some of you found it interesting.

Apart from that, we are in the middle of adding a brand new game 'mode'. What we have had so far is basically a map and a combat system. Now, that has been genuinely fun, but it is a far cry from what you would call an MMO or an RPG or many other things. This new game mode is a step towards these things. We are adding the first iterations of player settlements, resource warfare, crafting and player progression. We are still thinking about how long each playtest will go for, but in the very near future we will be moving to 24+ hour sessions.

For anyone who has not had anything to do with Das Tal at this stage, you can actually participate in the public playtest on the 8th of February and see it first hand by signing up before then, and we are having plenty of other tests in February with our development supporters, clan testers and alpha testers.


Will have more news soon, but you can follow our blog or check out our official forums to stay more up to date.


Thanks guys :)


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