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Excited for the Winter Test

sludgebeardsludgebeard Member UncommonPosts: 788

I havent had an MMO to play recently that could keep my attention for long. 


When I first played Albion, I was a bit underwhelmed. On the surface is can seem like such a simple and almost too straightforward game.


Then I died, and died again, and crafted myself new armor, and then wanted better armor, and then joined a guild, and made a house, then shared the experiance of a dungeon raide when I wasnt level enough.


Truth be told, Albion is kinda simple, but its actually a really fun game, even if it wasnt an MMO I would want to play it, simply because its different, its an alternative to GW2, LOTR, WoW, AoC, and all those other games that just seem the same to me.


I start on Tuesday, if anyone else wants to get in and group up, lets do it! ITs time for Adventure!!



  • YaevinduskYaevindusk Member RarePosts: 2,008


    It's definitely a simple game that could potentially translate to fun.  It has about 1/1,000th of the features of Ultima Online, but at the same time, it gives that UO Felucca vibe what with full loot PvP and crafting better armor / being prepared and only bringing the bare essentials to gather resources or do guild events.  It's like taking the PvP out of UO and focusing on that as a whole.  Not what I'd call a sandbox game, but rather a Sandbox PvP game -- two different things that UO excelled at (given that it was still incredibly fun to play when they added a no-pvp realm due to a focus on real sandbox elements).


    Good game to pass the time if you find a guild that will help you and manage to build up a stockpile of things.

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