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Trouble with font size after upgrading to LG G3

KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 39,287

I used to have a LG G2 and the font size on the mobile app was an acceptable size, and scaled appropriately to the screen in order to read it in portrait mode.

I upgraded to an LG G3, and now the font size is extremely small, far too small to read in landscape mode, so I have to shift it to lateral in order to read it. Zooming does not work, sure, the text gets larger, but then I have to scroll the screen back and forth to read it. It's more of a problem of scaling rather than zooming.

Checked with my son (Samsung 5) and his friend (iPhone 6) and neither of their phones have this issue, the text comes through at the same size as my G2 used to.

I've tried changing the font size settings on the new G3, but no luck, doesn't seem to affect

I have similar problems when trying to access Reddit, but no issues accessing Amazon, or a local newpaper's web site.

A friend of mine said it had to do with HTML code issues, that my G3 was using a newer version of HTML than was, and that was the cause of the problem, but I have no idea if he was on the mark with this or not.

Any suggestions or has anyone else reported this issue?

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