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The best Review of Guild Wars 2 ever written.



  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 26,972

    funny enough, i know EXACTLY what you are talking about.

    We would be over our grandmother's house and we would watch all sorts of fun shows and then suddenly a show would end and the soap opera would start.

    And then you think "no" this can't be let's look at another channel and you might find wheel of fortune and that could be entertaining but soon enough you were in soap opera land and there was nothing on and that was when we would have to figure out what to do otherwise we would get extra chores.

    hate extra chores. image


    In any case, I think Guild Wars 2 is a bit better than that. I absolutely love my character it's and sometimes can get lose in "donig something". It just doesn't scratch my progression itch. 

  • Cybersig211Cybersig211 Member UncommonPosts: 128

    Ahh ive been away so long but this is exactly the reaction to a non glowing GW2 review on this site as it would expect.  Same handful of people giving a smarmy one liner about how it was a waste of a review, how its pointless, or how it wasn't really a review.  Couple guys who the whole line by line analysis to hang on a few details.


    I got exactly what the OP was getting at, im not very smart but I could get his point right off the bat and understood what exactly he was trying to say.  It was entertaining to read as well.


    Its his opinion on the game, which is why I found it funny people asked for hard numbers...easier to kinda attack it on numbers I guess.


    Anyway good to see the same people still fighting for the game.  Hope they are at least compensating you for what I can assume has been several years of dedicated hard work.


    Not saying GW2 is a bad game but it is very average and sort of shallow.  I had a whole gaming community pick this game up and about a month or two after people were trying to get rid of their accounts and got to test out some stuff on it.  Not horrible be very....well here go through the motions wasn't that fun mr gamer?  Go where ever you want and do the quests that are the same as every other game but we didn't tell you to go here and do it so its really fun right?  And pvp spam! 


    I dunno in hindsight I see this game as the start of the great decline of the MMORPG scene.  A mmorpg game built to appease people who don't like mmorpg games really but still play them anyway...the precursor to the last set of major budget AAA mmorpgs being launched and disappointing...which correct me if im wrong no AAA or large budget mmorpgs are coming out, a few indy games, that Russian game without an open world is kinda a mmorpg sort of...


    Glad I got to be wrist deep in the golden age of MMORPG games, interesting to look back and then look forward and

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