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Star Citizen - Public Test Universe Launched

ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,299

All backers can now access the Star Citizen Public Test Universe ....  Warning ! Thats still a HARDCORE early Alpha version ! Many things will not work yet. Please provide test feedback !

See you in the 'Verse


Have fun



  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,299,48820,3081914.html

    Excellent article (in German) about "Star Citizen" with the title "Hypocritical Critics". Published on one of the (THE ?!) biggest  computer gaming magazine websites ("Gamestar") in the German speaking countries. Speaks about the skewed depiction of Star Citizen in many gaming media, many of those focusing ONLY on the monetary aspects of the crowdfunding campaign (deliberate clickbait news he calls it --> "klickträchtige News"). And that only a few report on the HUGE amount of available information, intense dev-team-community-interaction and development achievements.

    Development achievments such as the Public Test Universe Launch.

    Well worth reading it in English with a little help from the Google Translator !


    Have fun

  • ErillionErillion Member EpicPosts: 10,299

    BTW Arena Commander Patch 1.0.1 is out .... including a new personal sidearm for the upcoming FPS module.

    Have fun

    "Greetings Citizens,

    The Arena Commander 1.0.1 patch is now available via the Star Citizen launcher! We’d like to thank the thousands of intrepid pilots who helped us test this release using the Public Test Universe (PTU); we’re extremely happy with how much you are improving the rollout process. Together, we’re making the Best Damn Space Sim Ever!

    AC 1.0.1 is primarily a bug fix and game balance patch, addressing issues ranging from ship balancing to missile damage to UI legibility. The complete patch notes are available here. In addition to the bug fixes, several systems and other features have been added:


    • Added fuel system to missiles
    • Added IR signal to missiles so they can appear on radar

    User Interface:

    • Added UI and HUD overlays to display location of missiles that have been fired
    • Added radar icons to differentiate between friendly and enemy missiles
    • Buggy has been added to the holotable UI
    • Added drag and drop sorting to power management menu (F3) on some ships
    • Added community request to allow ship roll to be bound to mouse input
    • Added community request for invert option for analogue zoom


    • Added new skins for the Greycat Buggy


    • Ships
      • Avenger mass increased
      • Avenger maneuvering thruster values adjusted
      • Avenger center of mass adjusted
      • Adjusted Cutlass thruster rotation speed
      • Vanduul Glaive speed increased
      • Corrected the amount of splash damage absorbed by shields
    • Weapons
      • Increased size and duration of chaff
      • Increased amount of countermeasures per pod
      • Flare lighting effect can now be seen further away
      • Flares potency degrades with time
      • Reduced missile ability to maintain its target
      • Increased missile damage due to improvements made to shields
      • Reduced acceleration of Rattler missile to extend fuel life
    • User Interface
      • Renamed “Controls” to say “Control Options”
      • ”Join” has been removed from the lobby UI since the “Launch” button has replaced its function
      • When searching for a match, cancel and join will no longer display for players that are not the host
      • Host can no longer cancel a search when a match is found
    • Other tweaks
      • Tweaked information that is reported to the leaderboards for changes in damage dealt and taken
      • Updated some character animations for passing out and recovering from g-forces
      • AI pilots will sometimes use a break away maneuver after using a flare to deflect a missile
    • Fixes
      • Ships
        • Fixed a few issues where running towards the Avenger and using a door would result in an offset animation
        • Avenger nose mount will now only accept the avenger Tigerstreik
        • Fixed an issue where the Avenger’s Tigerstreik would continue to play weapons fire sounds when it runs out of ammunition
        • Fixed an issue where the Avenger could only take damage from some directions
        • Fixed some situations where the Avenger would deploy its landing gear while dogfighting
        • Fixed an issue where Aurora LN would load in without a radar sphere
        • Characters flying an Aurora LN and LX now show g-force animations while flying
        • Mustang turret weapons are now bound to the correct weapons group
        • Mustang Delta rockets will now explode when hitting 300 series ships
        • Mustangs will no longer give the ‘forced error’ message when destroyed
        • Hornet ladders will now have footstep audio when entering and exiting ship
        • Hornets have had their missing missile rack returned to them
        • Fixed an issue where the Hornet would fire its weapons through its nose at extreme angles
        • Fixed an issue where the Hornet computer would say “Chaff offline” when activating chaff
        • Fixed an issue that allowed for a Gladius to be flown in free flight
        • Fixed an issue with Cutlass landing gear not deploying when near landing pad
        • Characters flying a Cutlass will now show g-force animations while flying
        • Fixed an issue that caused the Cutlass to be missing its turret
        • Fixed multiple objects in the base Freelancer variant that could not be used
      • Weapons
        • Fixed an issue where flares would only spawn client side
        • Missiles will now detonate when they reach a flare
        • Fixed an issue where rattler engine flare would drop out at large distances
        • Fixed an issue where rattler missiles would not separate into their second stage in multiplayer
        • Missile icons in the HUD now properly reflect the type of lock the missile uses
        • Fixed a UI issue where changing power management tabs would show incorrect shield information if custom shield values were in use
        • Fixed some of the issues that would cause a ‘forced error’ when killing opponents with missiles or ballistic weapons
        • Fixed an issue where the Tigerstriek would continue to play weapons fire sounds when it runs out of ammunition
      • User Interface
        • Blank chat messages can no longer be sent while dogfighting
        • Closing chat while dogfighting now clears text from the entry field
        • Holotable item stacks will no longer move position in the item list when they are used
        • Entering a lobby will no longer request all the information from an accounts contact list at the same time
        • Toggling gimbal lock and virtual joystick no longer resets virtual center of the screen
        • Added a space between ‘New’ and ‘Horizon’ for the Old Vanderval race map
        • Fixed an issue where changing the game mode in a lobby would reset a players ship choice
      • Gameplay
        • Fixed an issue where self-destructing would count as a final kill
        • Fixed players being unable to connect to Vanduul Swarm Coop
      • Other fixes
        • Fixed an issue where getting inside the buggy would sometimes teleport characters outside of the hangar
        • Fixed the attachment point for the characters hair
        • Second story Self Land hangar bay doors now have audio when opened and closed
        • Fixed an issue where the camera would snap to a scene of stars when sitting in pilot chairs or ship beds
        • Fixed some flickering asteroids
    • Known Issues
      • 350r will sometimes spawn with damaged components
      • 350r is unable to have a Talon Stalker Twin Rack mounted on it in the holotable
      • Avenger maneuvering effects are green
      • Aurora weaponry is not venting heat
      • Mustang Beta can have one of the doors in the cabin float above it if it’s used
      • Back seat of the super hornet cannot be exited
      • All ships aside from the Hornet are missing ship trails when carrying a Core
      • Several ships are having radar visibility issues due to the helmet blocking the view
      • Freelancer loading ramp has no collision
      • Ballistic weapons will sometimes be missing ammunition when loading into a match (deleting the user folder fixes this)
      • Missiles have a small portion of the ship targeting UI on them after being launched
      • Character will sometimes spawn with the helmet on backwards
      • Paint objects in the holotable are placeholder
      • Loading back into a lobby will reset the ship selection to its default (sometimes this doesn’t happen visually but still happens on the backend)
      • The first player in Team 1 duplicates when the last non-ready player readies up for Capture the Core and Squadron Battle game modes
      • Ship selection resets to default the 2nd time a player loads into a game mode in the same lobby
      • Attempting to kick a player from the lobby as they quit out will generate Lobby Error 8, loading into a public lobby again will hang the game on a black screen
      • Using the Arena Commander menu in a ship, entering a match, and loading back into the hangar will cause lobby errors"
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