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How mandatory is PVP going to be?

gajolmandgajolmand Member CommonPosts: 29

Questions about Albion Online


The game seems very focused about pvp, but ive also read there will be some safe zones. So i would like to know how it works. I looked around a bit on their site but i were unable to find the actual info on the subject so i am asking here instead.

I am a carebear. I am not at all asking that the game gets changed to cater to me, But i would like to know about how the whole pvp zone and safe zone works.


A few questions in point form.

  • Will there be PvE servers?
  • Does the game even work as PvE only?
  • Will there be PvE content as dungeons and so on?
  • How does the housing work?
  • Read something about housing plot, is it instanced? PvP or PvE?
  • Skills are crafted into your gear, is there any way to improve?
  • How big will player power be between a new guy and a vet?






  • flizzerflizzer Member RarePosts: 2,305

    I don't have all the answers for you, but the game does seem to be one of those gankfest games that have a singular ability to attract the demon possessed.  

    I don't believe there will be PvE servers.  For me this game is a pass. 

  • CrazKanukCrazKanuk Member EpicPosts: 6,130
    If you like the look of Albion Online, but are worried about the PvP aspects, you might want to keep an eye on Shards Online, also. It's a similar style, but there are player-run shards with different rulesets, which might mean you can find something that fits what you're interested in.


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  • lathaanlathaan Member UncommonPosts: 476

    afaik you will be able to opt out of pvp in most zones in this alpha.

    Players will now have the option to flag themselves as friendly or hostile in PvP areas. This constitutes a big change from the earlier system, which categorised the level of PvP available solely on which area a player found themselves in. There will still be free-for-all PvP in designated regions in the world, though friendly players will not be able to attack other friendly players."

  • Korn42Korn42 Member UncommonPosts: 53

    Hi all,


    1) PvE vs PvP

    I will try to give a short explanation of the PvE vs PvP relationship in Albion Online

    • The game world consists of green, yellow and red zones
    • There is no PvP in green zones
    • There is full PvP in red zones, without any penalties
    • There is full PvP in yellow zones, however, the defender/victim gets a significant buff if being attacked
    • The highest level ressources can only be found in yellow and red zones. Also certain high level buildings can only be build there. 
    A core aspect here is the flagging system. Each player can either flag themselves as friendly or as hostile.
    • If you flag yourself as hostile flagged as hostile, outside of green zones, you can attack everybody. 
    • If you flag yourself as friendly, you can attack hostiles, but you can not attack friendlies
    • Changing your flag takes some time and it can be seen by other players if you change your flag. 
    • The key benefit of this system is that it does not restrict PvP, however, it also means that if you are flagged as friendly and come across another player flagged as friendly, you know that he does not have bad intentions and are safe. In short: cooperation can happen in PvP zones, you do not always need to be scared of everybody
    In the red and yellow PvP zones, guilds can conquer land. This land is then surrounded by a magical barrier, preventing non-guild/non-alliance members to enter. Thus, if you are a pure PvE player and join a guild, you can safely play inside of those conquered lands. Realistically, you can also go outside, with little bit of care and protection from your guild you will be safe. 
    2) Housing / Buildings
    Albion Online offers far more than standard player housing. Essentially all buildings in the game, outside of certain beginner cities, are built and maintained by players. Players can allow other to use their buildings, such as a forge, for a fee. Houses can be built within player built cities, within guild-claimable land plots in the world or on your own personal player island. The personal player island is quite easy to get and offers some building space, however has certain restrictions on what can be build there and also is subject to an extra tax when crafting items etc - to make sure that open world territory remains attractive. 
    3) Gear
    The gear power curve in Albion Online is quite flat. There are 8 tiers of gear, and each tier is around 20-30% stronger than the previous one. However, the rarity of materials and costs for gear increases by around 200% per tier. This means that low level gear is easy to replace and still competitive, whereas the hightest level gear is hard to get and replace, offers an advantage but definitely does not make you invincible. Combined with full loot in PvP zones, this will create an interesting dynamic but also means that you need to actively should maintain a storage of replacement gear and carefully decided on when to wear what and when to risk what.
    Skills in Albion Online are part of your gear. You have 6 skills in total, 2 on your main hand weapon, 1 on your off-hand weapon (or 3 on a 2-handed weapon), 1 on your armor, helmet and boots each. In addition to that, gear of course has stats such as armor, magic resist, passive abilities and passive bonuses. 
    Gear can be freely combined and there is no class restrictions, which makes this aspect of the game extremely strategic and flexible. 
    All the best,
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