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Immortals recruiting

ThaliostThaliost Member UncommonPosts: 104

Seeing as there isn't a specific guild subforums yet, I'll post here:


Immortals recruitment EU

Immortals, a medium sized community, is calling out for more dedicated applicants. There are both pros and cons for various clan sizes, but ours are generally small-medium and further strengthens each members chance for inclusion in our organized team play. In the past, we've had many successful events in other games from sieges, sea towers and open world battles - even when the odds are against us ( which is generally all the time ). We've built a solid reputation in Darkfall Online and intend to go forward in Albion On-line to improve upon this.

We're not an ego centric clan ( half true ), and all types of players are welcome. At the same time, having players with an open mind who continuously strive to improve their own game play is critical, which will further benefit the clan. We only ask that you are willing to listen to commands, execute them and adapt. Most importantly we are all here to have fun and make a name for ourselves in the Albion Online. Ask yourself where your role can be in this, and take part in events such as sieges, crafting, building, daily PvP and PVE.


Immortals can offer you as a player:

  • Leader and officers with a strong will to lead the way through progression.
  • People with vast experience within MMORPGs.
  • Mature, kindly and helpful members in a comforting atmosphere.
  • TS server and up-to-date website with important info regarding both Albion Online and the community.
  • Organized Guild events, for example Territory wars!

What our requirements are:


  • You need to speak and understand English.
  • You're able to speak and listen with the voice program Teamspeak.
  • You're able to stay updated regularly on our forums.
  • You're not a drama queen and know how to calm yourself.
  • Be able to take constructive criticism and feedback to improve yourself.
  • Be friendly and open minded.

Our personal Statement

We are more of a tight-knit community and if you are only just joining to be under the tag and not actually take part in any clan events or clan PvP then don't bother applying. It is true our main focus is indeed PvP; however, this does not exclude PvE. We will do both PvP and PVE play though PvP is our priority. We are looking for players who are sociable and fun to play with and can ideally join us for the Winter Alpha starting on the 26th January. Rude immature players are not welcome.

If you wish to join us for an amazing PVP and PVE experience then please apply here

Thanks for your time and see you on the battlefield ! - Some video compositions from other games members of our community play!

Immortals [EU] - Darkfall Clan:

Read my "funny" DF1 blog:


  • GrathkarGrathkar Member UncommonPosts: 6
    Good luck  sir on your  journey . I was in first alpha  it was fun to play  but 1 week after test starts  game  turns to a  ghost town and those  founder packs made  me not wanna  play  50 dolar for testing a game is to much .  Happy  hunting :D
  • ThaliostThaliost Member UncommonPosts: 104
    Originally posted by Grathkar
    Good luck  sir on your  journey . I was in first alpha  it was fun to play  but 1 week after test starts  game  turns to a  ghost town and those  founder packs made  me not wanna  play  50 dolar for testing a game is to much .  Happy  hunting :D


    I started playing with 2 or 3 weeks left in the alpha and it didn't seem like a ghost town to me although I didn't have the initial start to compare it with.


    Don't forget also that with a lot of features missing or incomplete features, maybe the game doesn't play out as intended during the alphas. I think that with the "sieging" system as it was and with the ability for the largest guilds to "grab" most of the territory, also drove other people away from a huge part of the game and might have contributed to a sense of staleness in the game.


    Lastly, with the amount of alphas and betas that will occur, some players might not play actively in all the phases. Even I am afraid of getting burnt out of the game from starting over too many times before final launch.


    Thanks for the well wishes and hope to see you in-game (to make love, not war :D)

    Immortals [EU] - Darkfall Clan:

    Read my "funny" DF1 blog:

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