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DCUO - Still one of the best in the lot.



  • dmcmahonjrdmcmahonjr Member UncommonPosts: 14

    Well, I'm an old fan of DC though I no longer read their comic books and I keep coming back to play this game over and over again, especially since the death of City of Heroes.  I've never yet maxed out a character.  I think my highest is around 120.  I actually enjoy running through all the missions to get to level 30.  One of these days I am going to actually get high enough level to play the episodes that are in the game, especially the ones that go back to the 1940s and meeting the JSA.  That's a big goal for me.

    And I have 43 characters.  I play on the computer, never tried it on a game system.

    This is a fun game for soloing as well as in groups.  I tend to solo a lot since most of my gaming buddies are all busy playing Pathfinder Online.  ;-)

    And all the hidden things you can find in the game continues to surprise me and bring a smile to my face.  Like the first time I found the spot where the Wayne's were murdered in Gotham.

    To me, a lot of the fun is in those early missions and trying out the different powers and weapons and costumes.  I enjoy creating many different golden and silver age characters from all sorts of past and present comic book publishers.  I've done Dynamo, Mr. Scarlet, Lightning Lad [early version with the short cape], Nightveil, The Marvel Family, Fearless Flint, Mon-El, Saturn Girl, The Flame, the original Vigilante, Johnny Quick, Hourman, Wildfire [Quality's], The Lone Ranger, Doctor Solar, Blue Beetle [40s & 60s versions], Booster Gold and lots of others.  Any wonder why my league is called the Silver Age Heroes?  lol

    One of the things I like about the game is that I don't have to be a button-mashing guru in order to move and fight.  Combos are just a few buttons.  None of this left, left, right, left, up, up, up, down, right, left stuff for me, thanks!

    And now that they revamped powers and streamlined them somewhat, it is a totally different feel to the game.  That feel, for me, isn't better or worse, just different.  I have to learn new ways to play the characters I played before.  This makes me a bit more interested in the game at this time.

    And I know that for every person that mostly agrees with what I wrote above, another will mostly disagree.  That's why we are called "fans".

  • DabOnThemDabOnThem Member UncommonPosts: 140
    The worst developers in the lot, at least top 5, that is for damn sure. That game has so many flaws it is not even funny. I would say avoid DCUO, play CO or wait for SoH if you are a superhero fan.
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