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Need Help Finding Fine Quiver on Dwarrowdelf Server Please!

I've been desperately trying to find the Fine Quiver cosmetic on the Dwarrowdelf server (which is the server I play on), but no one seems to have it. It can be made from a journeyman tailor recipe that was a drop from spring festival Green Gift Boxes several years back, but according to the lotro wiki, it is no longer available. An image of the quiver can be found here:

I have scoured the internet for signs of anyone who might be able to help and have found several players on sites like cosmeticlotro who have the quiver. However, all of them have been from servers other than Dwarrowdelf, so it is quite the predicament.

If anyone can make one for me or even just lend me one that they already have so that I can complete my outfit, I could send it right back to you. My main character's name is Suruborn, so if you're able to mail it, that would be where. Thanks for your help!

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