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Allods Online Sub Server - A no PTW Allods Server

Hi, Taleron League Astralis player official sub server here,

Search on Google
German P2p promotion article about
English P2p promotion article and OnRPG
- the hour of sub drool.gif

As you may know, there was a 2 weeks free trial during chrismas on P2P sub server Smugglers Paradise... well we got players....
You are max lvl in max. one month + only 24 euros for 6 month.....001_tt1.gif
Almost every free trial player here is lvl 60 and buyed abo...

Most Activ Times atm ...4 pm - 2 am in weekend, week 5-6 pm to 12 pm

Astralis league guild has 55 ppl logged since the 3 of January and around 25 players yesterday from 5 -10 pm on same time,
Cherusker has got many ppl now and goes Teph too... 20-25 ppl active there probaply.
Senflamme 8 ppl, New Horizon 8 ppl still, Some newbies here...4 newbies in 2 days...

Yesterday additionally 42 ppl in my FL on and 35 of them max lvl so Sub server COULD be able to make BGs ..therew ill be BGS ^^

for all earlier P2P players here, who stopped playing on Sub only for the fact that BGS were missing...its time to come back squint.png

GB and Katas open squint.png

Greetings Taleron
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