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My thoughts so far

PinecampplePinecampple Member Posts: 20
I've been playing MonsterMMORPG now for a few hours (I know that's not much time but hear me out) and it's not awful. Like the overview says it's a larger scale, online version of Pokemon which is what interests me most. Let's you choose your own sprite to walk around the world with and a good selection of "Starter" monsters to choose from. You get dropped into a world where you see other players either huddled by the grassy area or the health clinic trying to heal their monsters. The visuals are what you'd expect, very Pokemon-ish, except for the monster sprites. This is where it kind of kills it for me because the monsters aren't very well drawn, in that they look to be hand drawn but don't look to be drawn very well. It varies from monster to monster, of course, some having lots of details and others looking like they might be uploaded somewhere on Deviantart. I've yet to come across many that have any real quality, but the night is still young.

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