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[H] (Ysera-US) Join War Party!

razerbldrazerbld Member UncommonPosts: 1


Guild Name: 
War Party

What Side:
Horde Side


Raiding, Challenges, Old School Raids, Mount & Pet Runs, and Guild Events

Our Mindset:
F for Friends who do stuff together
U is for you and me
N is anywhere wait...what? We are a guild based on community, fun, and friendship. We have laughs along the way. Poke fun at each other and crack jokes. Like quoting Monty Python? Then we are for you! Like drinking beer and trying to fight Hogger Naked? We are for you! Like making alts on Moonguard and going to the Goldshire Inn to see what's actually going on? We won't tell anyone your dirty secret! 

Getting geared and need people 

What we are looking for:
*All persons interested for Raiding must be ilvl 630+ or working towards that goal.
*Laid back players looking for a place to level and enjoy jokes and camaraderie!                                                                               *New and returning players looking for a good time with good people.

When we meet:
Will be decided when we start filling the ranks up! 

If you would like more information, please contact me either in game or via
In-game: Flattuss Razrbld#1950

For the HORDE!

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