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[The Shadowlands] [R] [It's a Feature] a guild of working adults is recruiting

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we are a small group of working adults looking for some new faces of all levels and experience to join us

About us: a PvE Republic guild on The Shadowlands server in the eastern time zone.

The Guild really has simple goals; uniting a group of people who are looking for FUN, LAUGHTER and game progression within their game play. Although I would never classify us as a hardcore raiding guild we do want to progress through the content as a team and experience what SWTOR has to offer. We will never dictate your play schedule, we understand real life will always come first.

Current Raid times are Friday, and Saturday 6pm-9pm, 9pm-12am Eastern

to join just fill out an easy app Here or in game contact Alutta, Nagenth, DementedJack, Sharih, Shadrivi, or Zefu

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