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Darkfall on sale on steam $4.93

SkellybonesSkellybones Member UncommonPosts: 65
Can't stress enough how much darkfall unholy wars has been a great gaming experience for me
There is no mmorpg out there that come to the gaming experience you get from playing this game. It's had its ups and down but in the end you always come back to darkfall.

I suggest you spend your 5 bucks and give it a try !message me if u want info or add my steam skyrim1238 if u need help.


  • willo248willo248 Member Posts: 346
    If you buy it does your time activate straight away?
  • SkellybonesSkellybones Member UncommonPosts: 65
    not sure to be honest
  • Varex12Varex12 Member CommonPosts: 357

    Too expensive for the quality of the game.  



  • OnigodOnigod Member UncommonPosts: 756
    Originally posted by Varex12
    Too expensive for the quality of the game.      


    Says someone that didnt play the game in a long time. I like how on this forum innocent jokes gets you banned but pointless posts like that are alright,  slogan of this site should be "MMORPG: the negative side of gaming" Its all you see here..  you dont like the game? fine.. go post in a topic of a game you do like..  every thread I go to that isnt currently flavor of the month game for people that cant think for themselves you read this.


    You really think anyone that reads your posts here cares about that opinion you just stated?  not liking the game is fine but if you make a dislike post you might want to state more than "I dont like it"  we cannot do anything with just "I dont like it"

  • ThebeastttThebeasttt Member RarePosts: 1,087
    Originally posted by Varex12
    Too expensive for the quality of the game.      

    No he's right. I got this game for free and still felt cheated.

  • SkellybonesSkellybones Member UncommonPosts: 65

    how so?

    i feel cheated every time i spend money on a new mmo and it ends up being just like every other mmo. some people just cant handle a game that is instant gratification or holds your hand throughout the entire game. Its a Open world sandbox pvp full lot game with pve in the game that help u for collecting items,resources for crafting gear to PvP ............

  • ClassicstarClassicstar Member UncommonPosts: 2,697

    If it was Darkfall 1 i would even pay 40 bucks to play it again.

    Darkfall UW i would not even play if they pay me.

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    GPU: AMD Fury X(waiting for BIG VEGA 10 or 11 HBM2?(bit unclear now))
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    OS:Windows 10 64bit

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