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killerTwinkiekillerTwinkie Member CommonPosts: 1,694
You know, you never really realise what you have until it's gone.  Today, I realised how well I have it...  I met a few buddies from back in my High School days today and they have no where to go.. no money.. no car.  Just kinda floating around right now.

I realised that I could have been that guy if I kept going on that same path...  I ended up calling my mother and thanking her for stopping us from being buddies.

It was like an awakening... anyone else have that kind of experience?

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  • VardiaVardia Member Posts: 40
    Yes, I've been there too.  Some people that I was great friends with in junior high got themselves into trouble and it seems never got out of it.  Most ended up having kids and maybe getting married, some to guys that hadn't fathered the children.  Most are estranged from the men now... some eventually went back to live with their parents and so many of them are miserable.  You know, they are pretty much how they were in junior high, with all their nasty "habbits".  Going nowhere fast.  It's too bad, cause some of them could have gone places with their lives.

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