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Best MMO(s) for PvP Healing

XssivXssiv Member UncommonPosts: 359

I've come to the realization that I enjoy PvP healing a lot and seem to get the best mileage out of this play style.


I've spent many years healing in WoW doing everything from raid healing, to BG's to pocket healing on PvP servers.   


Unfortunately, I'm just not feeling the WoD xpac as much as I had hoped and considering there are no new BG's and Ashran queues can be extremely long, I simply do not see myself continuing to focus on PvP healing in WoW.


That being the case, are there any other MMO's where healing in PvP is somewhat satisfying in terms of feeling like you actually make a difference in your team's / faction's success?


I'm more than willing to start fresh in a new game or revisit an older game.   


For a goof, I fired up Tera and am rolling a Mystic with PvP healing in mind but have no idea how viable PvP healing is for late / end game.  


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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