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New PlaneShift 0.6.3 release!!

TaladTalad PlaneShift DeveloperMember UncommonPosts: 83

Version 0.6.3 Released!


It's with great pleasure we announce the release of yet another PlaneShift client! Version 0.6.3 is ready for you to download. And what better timing than during Xiosiamas (Christmas) festivities?

Main highlights

  • Improved NPC dialogue. When speaking with NPCs, you now have the option to click the bubbles to define the reading speed.
  • Three new client skins with new art for buttons, menus, etc... : Flames, Legend, Classic.
  • Possibility to give a name to a sack in your inventory. This will greatly simplify the organization of your items!
  • Crafting Shields. Shield Making crafting has been redesigned, condensed to 4 books for less confusion, all the shields parts are now craftable. Two new special shields, made of blue-steel metal, are now available!
  • Crafting Bows: A good news for the archers and crafters, Bow Making is now available!
  • Crafting Axes & Swords: Axes and knives handles are now craftable.
  • Magic: 4 new spells are available for Crystal and Blue Way!
  • The Howling Well rework: a mystery lurks in the well shadows!
  • Two new bosses have been designed and deployed in the game! Challenging to fight and win.
  • Access The Bronze Doors with a pterosaur, through a quest.
  • For spell research, a better system message tells you if the failure is because of a non-existing spell.

Note for Mac users: we have changed the way we build the Mac client, so please give us feedback if you experience any issues.

If you want all details, read below. Enjoy PlaneShift!



  • Taste of Death effect: New look so it better represents Dark way spirit, more realistic.
  • Fear spell, addition of skull ring.
  • Dome of perfection spell reviewed, added a 3D object for better result.
  • Added flame effect for candles.
User Interface (UI):
  • New icons added to icons.png to support all new UI features.
  • Added "ButtonStorage" definition so that the storage button now uses an previously unused icon.
  • Added new Classic skin for client, an updated old skin which use to be part of the released client.
  • Added new Flames skin for client.
  • Added new Legend skin for client (styled after the PS website).
  • Updates to all other skins to improve their final look and support all new UI features.
  • Fixed missing bracers on Ylian female.
  • Added robes for male and female Enkidukai, currently only with a temporary textures.
  • Added drawings to some books.
  • Added jewelry and mace/hammer icons.
  • New icons for loot window.
  • Added 3 new spell icons for Blue Way.
  • New icons for craftable leather parts and hammer & mace parts.
  • Corrected some colour profiles of old images.
  • New button highlight art for log-in screens.
  • Fixed Ring of Xiosia so you can now drop it and actually see where it is.
  • Fixed some wrong normal map names so now all art used for potions should display correctly.
  • All in game items which wrong icon names have been fixed, and created definitions for icons which were missing them.
  • Fixed wrong texture file usages with some items.


User Interface:
  • Quests. Players can now click on NPC chat bubble to force the next line of text to show. You can also change the time each bubble is displayed for so you can speed it up with out needing to click each time in Options. A 'give' button has been added to make giving items manually to NPCs easier.
  • User configurable Warning, Danger and Flash ability added to Active Effects icons, HP and Mana bars.
  • Rename-able sacks.
  • Active Magic renamed Active Effects. Improved icon display and sorting (thanks to Shkirr) displays icons for magic items. timer bar and timer tooltip.
  • Glyph window Added help button and sub window on glyph window. Glyph window remembers position.
  • Storage window Use new icons. Sortable columns.
  • Chat window Support to allow chat tabs to appear in two rows or columns. Enhanced "/clear" command to allow clearing of specific channels
  • Study window There is now a filter which allows to display only certain transformations/combinations based on specific words.
  • Loot window There are now "loot all" and "group loot all" buttons which show in the loot window only when in a group
  • Skill window Buy skill, and buy skill level buttons now only display when you open the training window.
  • Book reading. There is now support for page numbers.
Quest and NPC support:
  • Env variable support enhancements
  • Enhanced scripting commands
  • Detection of stance by NPC
  • Support for "Require possessed amount" and value usage in "Require variable [[name]] [[value]]"
  • Give NPC button in NPC dialog
  • New window handling commands using "/window" to allow you to set window visibility, size, and position.
  • Allow case insensitivity when using /me /my combined with /tell, /say and other commands
  • Support for mouse over button display effects
  • Support for use 'alive' and 'dead' in npc targeting to allow you to target just dead npcs
  • Feature Request 5344 button background hover effect
  • Feature Request 6028 Command /clear should have parameter to define the tab ...
  • Feature Request 6391 Unable to filter unused skills
  • Feature Request 6613 Alphabetize Tab Completion Word List
  • Feature Request 6686 Chat window - Tabs in 2 rows or columns.
  • Feature Request 5857 Allow customization of NPC Dialogue speed
  • Feature Request 1981 Dakkrus curse timer
  • Feature Request 2679 Area Targeting Refinements
  • Feature Request 5668 Enhance the /study command
  • Feature Request 6291 Enable bothhand flag
  • Feature Request 6292 Items crafted that can't be held in hand fall to floor
  • Feature Request 457 Ability to name a sack
  • Feature Request 3774 Quest click box cut off
  • Feature Request 5677 Change text in NPC's dialog popup on click
  • Feature Request 6478 "/target next": "dead / alive" filter
  • Feature Request 6649 Spell Research: Easier researching with new error messages.
Bugs Fixed:
  • Bug Report 5345 hardcoded exchange-window widths
  • Bug Report 5467 possible to edit foreign music score
  • Bug Report 6230 Default chat.xml minor issues
  • Bug Report 6251 Close window mouse clicks passed through to shortcut ba...
  • Bug Report 6381 /show attackwindow toggles the spell book icon on/off
  • Bug Report 6390 Shortcut Editing window needs reformatting
  • Bug Report 6588 active magic window: tool tips
  • Bug Report 6589 active magic window: base icon display.
  • Bug Report 6634 Active Effects : minimum width
  • Bug Report 6635 Toolbar : guild icon not displayed by default
  • Bug Report 6645 Quest menu: the first page of menu options can display ...
  • Bug Report 6647 Quest menu: infinite "no quest messages"
  • Bug Report 6656 text-only npc dialog text format issue
  • Bug Report 6657 Map marker on first loading page
  • Bug Report 6658 Stats and Skills window: hp/mana/stamina bars are not p...
  • Bug Report 6689 Active Effects: With a new client the progress bar is r...
  • Bug Report 6690 Active Effects: Tool bar icon does not show
  • Bug Report 6692 Character Creation: Radio buttons for chosing siblings ...
  • Bug Report 5475 Music stopping mid-score
  • Bug Report 6396 Lock picking needs a progress bar
  • Bug Report 6395 lock pick failure unrewarding
  • Bug Report 6186 Strange timing when looting
  • Bug Report 5933 AoE spells ignore instance when detecting targets.
  • Bug Report 2253 items should not be removed by transient while guarded
  • Bug Report 5459 Item health
  • Bug Report 5655 Container inventory not updated after using storage
  • Bug Report 6241 New /equip behaviour
  • Bug Report 6550 A GM command doesn't work anymore
  • Bug Report 6672 random name button in /show gm uses /changename target ...
  • Bug Report 6211 Crafting containers linked to the world map with action...
  • Bug Report 5981 Necessary changes to game defaults.
  • Bug Report 6401 Client hangs after creating new character.
  • Bug Report 5462 Low C will not play/show up on scores
  • Bug Report 5492 deletion of a guild doesn't yield to deletion of an all...
  • Bug Report 5506 /target name gives random and useless results
  • Bug Report 5515 GetNodeXML doesn't escape xml chars in node content
  • Bug Report 5516 Scrolling in pawsDocumentView doesn't work properly wit...
  • Bug Report 5522 Play score fails silently when sound disabled
  • Bug Report 5742 Crash when opening containers
  • Bug Report 6067 New (in development) active magic window bugs and useab...
  • Bug Report 6268 equip 2 equal weps do not work
  • Bug Report 6274 Items in enchanters become invisible when moving things...
  • Bug Report 6304 Shortcut Bar - Scrolling/paging icons is not well behav...
  • Bug Report 6346 big drop entering lava cave
  • Bug Report 6384 problem with instance -1.
  • Bug Report 6405 NPC's go into berserk mode when their health gets down ...
  • Bug Report 6433 No Nightlanterns.
  • Bug Report 6439 Crashing when clicking "chat - Font" in the options
  • Bug Report 6590 Active magic window automatically displays on startup
  • Bug Report 6597 container renaming: the UI based method for multi names...
  • Bug Report 6603 "Ghost" newbies stuck in tutorial
  • Bug Report 6624 Quest menu: bugs related to giving items
  • Bug Report 6626 HP and MANA bars thumb does not show until value chosen
  • Bug Report 6628 Double clicking NPCs no longer opens quest window.
  • Bug Report 6629 HP and MANA % values are not set on options opening
  • Bug Report 6632 Container renaming: inventory not refreshed
  • Bug Report 6633 Active Effect Config : danger level value error
  • Bug Report 6637 Active Effects : Text of long items is cut off
  • Bug Report 6651 Paws: Column sorting, double clicking headings opens it...
  • Bug Report 6691 Action location: Rotation not set correct when the AL c...


The Rules department team is happy to deliver the new rules update, including new crafting, new spells, new training zone and much more!

PvP and Training Area in Ojaveda:
  • A PvP zone has been added inside Ojaveda Arena.
  • Two new dummies have been installed outside Ojaveda Arena, training in Ojaveda is now possible.
  • Helm making: The non-craftable parts are now craftable. All the prices have been reviewed.
  • Shield Making: Shield Making crafting has been redesigned. Displayed in up to 14 diagrams, the shields have been arranged down to 4 books for less confusion. All the shields parts are now craftable. Two new special shields, made of blue-steel metal, are now available!
  • Bow Making: A good news for the archers and crafters, Bow Making is now available! Enjoy crafting a nice selection of bows, ranging from hunting to composite bows. Three new crafting books are available with three shiny new quests!
  • Axe & Sword Making: Axes and knives handles are now craftable. Some bug have been fixed and some prices have been reviewed.
  • Metallurgy: Many bugs have been fixed, including the problem with randomised quality result of iron, tin and copper ores transformation has been fixed.
  • Jewellery: The prices for Jewellery items have been reviewed and a lot of them have been increased.
  • The transformation time calculation script has been reviewed.
  • Combat system: We are working to deliver new special attacks in the next updates. In order to be able to introduce them, we had to change a few bits of rules in the actual combat system.
  • Shield Stats: We reworked the shields stats. It will now be possible to use shields to attack (shield slam). We also improved their defensive abilities rendering them much more useful to block incoming attacks (remember that shields don't reduce an attack damage but rather blocks it. When blocked, an enemy attack won't deal any damage.)
  • The damage calculation script has been reviewed.
  • Every spell power cap has been reviewed and revised if necessary. Most of them have been raised thus making a lot of spell's effects more powerful.
  • A new spell has been added to Crystal Way and 4 new spells for Blue Way, this will complete the asset of core spells for both Blue and Crystal way, here you can find their names: - Blessed Litany - Healing Mist - Healing Vapor - Poisonous Hailstorm - Venom Adaptation
Natural Resources:
  • We made a few tweaks to plants and other natural resources, a few spawn locations have been changed (in order to fix a few bugs) and the spawn location for night lanterns flowers have been added.
Tribes & Bosses:
  • Tribes: We completed the work on Trepor and Gobble tribes. All Trepor tribes in BDroad 1 and BDroad 2 have been enabled as well as the Serpent and Eagle Gobbles in the wilderness area of Ojaroad and Bdroad.
  • Two new bosses have been designed and deployed in the game! Some NPC have been given small hearsay about them. Expect more to come in the future.
  • Mobs attack types have been reviewed. Each beasts is now using the proper combat system, including the appropriate type of damage (piercing, blundgeoning, slash, ...). A few new special attacks has been designed for monsters and assigned to Ulbernauts and the new bosses: the Monstrous attack style.
Dungeon Rework Project
  • The Howling Well: The Howling Well dungeon is complete! Here you will find dangers, a deep background story along with a shiny new quest: An Undead Howling. Will you be able to discover what lays deep inside the well, and discover its darkest secrets? A GM event will be run to introduce the whole dungeon, ending just when the quest begins!
  • A stone labyrinth cave: a dungeon has been connected to the Bronze door map, as of now its setup is only temporary but in the future it will host more challenges.
Bugs & Feature Requests
  • Bug Report 4186: Missing animation for crafting
  • Bug Report 4210: Prices for jewellery completely off
  • Bug Report 4626: Crafting Helmets
  • Bug Report 5282: re-use of shieldparts
  • Bug Report 5503: New prices for some weapons are too low
  • Bug Report 5737: NPC doesn't pay attention to you
  • Bug Report 5916: Puncher Should Not Be Container
  • Bug Report 6339: Metallurgy - Melting: Iron/Copper Ingots/Ores no random...
  • Bug Report 6388: Broken alchemy data.
  • Bug Report 6402: Sharpening axe blades doesn't provide blades making exp
  • Bug Report 6421: Clamod Perch and Rat Stew Description
  • Bug Report 6422: Typo in Ash Brother's standard sentence
  • Bug Report 6433: No Nightlanterns.
  • Bug Report 6455: mace battle handle shape weight
  • Bug Report 6461: Diamond popsicle give kran indigestion
  • Bug Report 6480 - salt spirit recipe bad weights
  • Bug Report 6481: Minor art fix: Nevis bracersâÂ?¦
  • Bug Report 6482: Item names with trailing space
  • Bug Report 6486: Alchemist fire not consumed on use.
  • Bug Report 6490: trash disposal in furnace gives xp/practice
  • Bug Report 6497: Typo Error in Description of the Spell Gorwealform
  • Bug Report 6500: Typo Error in System Message for Diseased Rat
  • Bug Report 6511: Typo in Purified Sand Arangma Blood description.
  • Bug Report 6526: Platinum-Steel longsword crafting animation seems to be...
  • Bug Report 6534: Hide scraper shows as a sack when equipped
  • Bug Report 6561: Possible typo on Trigrain-steel
  • Bug Report 6572: Stamina depletes and you can not move after recharge - ...
  • Bug Report 6585: Standard sockets weigh too much
  • Bug Report 6643 - Typo in Lesser Plague description
  • Bug Report 6679: No system message when drinking Orilliphia Tea
  • Bug Report 6709 - Bugged Wild Pterosaur Spawn
  • Feature Request 4573: Crafting Broadswords
  • Feature Request 5997: Repairing skills
  • Feature Request 6132: Lateral distance for ranged weapon rules
  • Feature Request 6686: Chat window - Tabs in 2 rows or columns.
  • Feature Request 6056: Can't hammer copper, zinc or tin



As always we have a continuing process of asking for, finding, and then fixing every little possible quest and settings bug in the whole of PS. We have recently done a manual pass of all quests looking at spelling and obvious grammar mistakes, in excess of 1,000 changes have been made. Quests however will still likely have mistakes so please let us know if you find any. In the update we have:

  • Twelve completely new quests, and one quest that has been replaced with a completely rewritten one.
  • Changes to pterosaur travel so that travel is quicker and so you can go to any city from any city, HydlaaAmdeneir is still the only free one.
  • The Bronze Doors now has a pterosaur which can be accessed by completing one of the new quests, which will then be part of the 'any city''any city' travel routes.
  • Big changes to shield crafting quests, there is now a much smaller chain with 4 crafting books. Many of the old quests have just moved chains. A few have new rewards and those quests have been reset so that any can re-do them. All shield diagrams have been deleted and all their quests reset so you will need complete the quests again to obtain the new crafting books.
  • As part of the new quests "bow making" is now fully released and you will be able to get the crafting books.
  • Some old quests have been expanded and partly rewritten. One updated repeatable quest has new items added to go with the pterosaur system.
  • Final 2 alchemy quests have been added - the book was ready years ago but due to numerous projects the quests to release them weren't finished but now have been. High level alchemists can now discover the "Great Work".
  • Two small quests have been added to support new and old players easily finding two new bosses.
  • Darven now has card games with real chance players can spend money on.
  • Removed old "go and see NPC-X for training" references from many quests. There will likely be some we have missed so please let us know.
  • Numerous quest changes have been changed to improve them.
  • Adjusted the path to 'Guards' winch access to make the total number of required quests more in line with other paths.
  • The tutorial has been updated to match changes to the UI system (click to advance dialogue, and the give item button.)
  • New server quest features have been added and are being used.
  • Four new books, some for use in libraries, some in special locations.
  • The first images have been added to settings books. Given artists available to make pictures more will be added in time.
Bug Reports and Feature Requests
  • Yonda's delayed delivery has been fixed and you should no longer get stuck.
  • Jardet will now ask for the correct amount of mushrooms.
  • A Dark Thief II has been improved, removing bugs and unclear dialogue.
  • Poor Henas has been hanging out to dry for a long time now. Nightlanterns are now available so we can finally finish helping him.
  • Feature Request 1018: Fixed errors with gorbiak not speaking common.
  • Feature Request 5366: Added a pterosaur ride to Eagle Bronze Doors.
  • Feature Request 5852: Added tip to inform people they can take single items from stacks.
  • Bug Report 6382: Fixed Minor typo in race descriptions.
  • Bug Report 6442: Fixed Errors in "All in a Day's Work"
  • Bug Report 6498: Fixed It's Gone Bad Typos.
  • Bug Report 6505: Fixed Quest notes mistake in "A Dark Thief II".
  • Bug Report 6507: Fixed Veja's stolen stock descriptions.
  • Bug Report 6516: Fixed A Breezy Day - Harnquist.
  • Bug Report 6519: Fixed Gronk Syndicate Quest Typos.
  • Bug Report 6521: Fixed Typo in Jecascis wants a ruby.
  • Bug Report 6522: Fixed All in a Day's Work typo.
  • Bug Report 6523: Fixed Learning to make a broadsword NPC dialogue unclear.
  • Bug Report 6541: Fixed To hear a whisper dialogue error.
  • Bug Report 6544: Fixed Relliom dialogue misleading.
  • Bug Report 6581: Fixed Azure Way Adept Typo.
  • Bug Report 6587: Fixed Blue Way Glyph Training typos.
  • Bug Report 6591: Fixed The Blue Way Adept Typos.
  • Bug Report 6592: Fixed Blue Way Master Training typos.
  • Bug Report 6593: Fixed Bend the Octarch's Ear typo
  • Bug Report 6594: Fixed basics of mining typo
  • Bug Report 6595: Fixed helping nalri typos
  • Bug Report 6620: Fixed An Unclear Message Reward Dialog
  • Bug Report 6621: Fixed A Helping the Guard Typo
  • Bug Report 6623: Fixed Bend the Octarch's Ear questnotes typos
  • Bug Report 6642: Fixed Intro to Combat training instructions bugs.
  • Bug Report 6667: Fixed Inconsistency in "Feeding The Guard" quest.
  • Bug Report 6669: Fixed Road to Master Cook 4 - Vladovic
  • Bug Report 6671: Fixed Quest: Its Gone Bad.... possible missing words
  • Bug Report 6674: Fixed Grammatical Error in Unlawful Undertakings for Ukabnu
  • Bug Report 6675: Fixed Grammatical Error in Learning to Cook
  • Bug Report 6676: Fixed Party of Rogues Quest Grammatical Error
  • Bug Report 6711: Fixed Yonda's delayed Delivery broken after crash
Come to play or enhance our game PlaneShift!


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