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How do I change my username? I don't intend to use my real name on game sites anymore.

EgaoNoGenkiEgaoNoGenki Member Posts: 397

Hi, I wish I didn't have to keep using my username based on my real surname. I also see that my account just turned 10 years old. I guess back in those days, I didn't think my real-world details would ever get traced back from my usernames and the stuff I post online, but we learn a lot from being online for an entire decade.

Long ago, I also read that there was a draconian rule about creating new usernames: Apparently all associated accounts got permabanned if someone created one new username. Hopefully times have changed and the admins have since recognized the need for some users to start on new usernames when necessary.

But I'm not about to start a new account without your blessing(s); I'll try to see about getting my username changed first. What all would it take to make that happen?

By the way, the username I wish to change to is "ikneGoNoagE" backwards. I don't wish to type it because I don't intend to let a webcrawler pick it up here.

Thanks for your help.

EDIT: I went to update my profile and just discovered that WE CAN NOW CHANGE OUR USERNAMES THERE! Apparently we don't need to request a moderator to change it for us anymore. I am so happy that this site has improved in this area! THANKS, YOU ALL!

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