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  • TheGoblinKingTheGoblinKing Member UncommonPosts: 208

    I would be excited for black desert if it wasnt f2p but we all saw how that kind of model destroys in game economies for sandboxes like ArcheAge unfortunately.

    Not interested in EQN cause its f2p

    Camelot unchained looks very interesting though! Looks like a pvpers dream come true :)

  • AeliousAelious Member RarePosts: 3,521
    I would gauge my "most anticipated" level by anything that brings something we don't typically see. The ability to build your own piece of MMO content in an open world like Landmark certainly fits that bill IMO.

    If not building content yourself discovering the, theoretically (dependent on server counts), tens of thousands of content via other player's plots also fits the bill.

    It's exciting to see more armor, weapons, and mobs added to Landmark but when mob AI tools are available for plots there will be another layer of depth.
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