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Does this count as an MMO?

samurai225samurai225 Member UncommonPosts: 51

I'm surprised that this game would be on this site. Is this actually an MMO?


  • ReizlaReizla Member RarePosts: 4,092
    It's not a MMO I think (bought it, but not overly active playing). It's a co-op game with small and limited parties in a NON-persistent world. The only thing the company servers do is link all players from the mainscreen for party matching...
  • NanfoodleNanfoodle Member LegendaryPosts: 9,413 has made a move to covering games besides MMO. Some like the move and others dont. Myself I think they will just get on the hardcore MMOers nerves trying to figure out what part of they should be reading. IMO things need to start getting Labeled better or some color code system that lets us know before we even bother reading a line.  
  • samurai225samurai225 Member UncommonPosts: 51
    Ok thanks for the info. Didn't know they started changing things up here. Well at least now I know that I have some opinions on playing this game. Do guys like the directors cut version?
  • flaZhflaZh Member UncommonPosts: 144
    Nanfoodle said: has made a move to covering games besides MMO.
    I believe this used to be sort of an MMO, but Shadowrun Online turned into this.


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