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Avoid this game!

BearKnightBearKnight Member CommonPosts: 461

So i was in Eldevin's Alpha some time ago (relatively), and the game looked like it had large amounts of promise. The best being that it gave an older-school NeverWinter Nights feel to it (not the atrocity that is NWN:MMO, i'm talking about NWN isometric old school game that came out of the IceWind Dale series).


Anyways, I came back recently to see how Eldevin had improved with the new renderer they released to make it feel like a real MMO. I have to say im highly disappointed at how bad of a direction they took Eldevin.


-In Alpha the devs were close with the playerbase, and promised the game would never offer anything except cosmetics in their shop on top of the subscription. Now they're offering in-game gold, mounts, etc in their shop. P2W to the extreme now considering you can BUY skill experience. ~Wtf?


-The primary source of experience is Questing, however it was stated that they would put forth effort into allowing "grinding" ala:Everquest-style to be a possible avenue of progression. They never mentioned anything about adding group-xp detriments so grouping is out of the question (experience from kills is split evenly, so you're better off soloing as killing isn't an exponential factor when grouping. In other words you don't kill FASTER grouped than you do solo for each additional person added. So you end up making it MUCH slower to level). Did I forget to mention that there is no quest-tracking system STILL so you have to keep opening your journal to re-read what you need to do next?


-On top of the poorly implemented quest system the game is much more of a grind than old-school EQ was. Literally killed 2500 mobs my level at 11 just to get to 12, which took about 7hrs to get done. Questing would have been slightly faster but a LOT more tedious and mind-numbingly destroying. (Max level is 45)


-Crafting is even moreso a grind than combat leveling, but has no purpose because quest/looted gear is BETTER than anything craftable. So other than cooking, crafting is fairly worthless.


-PVP at end-game is nothing more than a pointless e-peen driven gank fest with people exploiting broken mechanics to two-shot other players. (You know whom I'm talking about if you pvp often). Currently, there's not much point to pvp or end-game except for trying to get the best gear possible in-game from the hardest end-game dungeons. I guess that's content?


-No housing whatsoever in a game that feels like I would be perfect for it?


-No player owned kingdoms, but this along with housing was discussed at the outset of Alpha with the devs. Apparently they got pushed back or completely scrapped?


-/Follow is broken and tends to decide randomly when it actually wants to work (critical for couples, or friends, that need to go afk on the spur of the moment. There's a reason why follow exists in games like this).


-/Assist is non-existent which can be critical in large fights when you're trying to burn down the most dangerous mob first. Oh, and don't get me started on pvp.


All in all Eldevin has progressed in some minor avenues, but overall it is stagnating from the developers chasing $$$ rather than players. They're not fixing critical issues, and are implementing un-needed additions that no one really cares for. Just overall it feels like the developers have strayed away from the community too much :(!


Hope this helps someone, cheers!


  • MoonKnighttMoonKnightt Member UncommonPosts: 148

    This is a solid game in the same vein as Runescape. While I think the subscription is fair. I think the cash shop is overpriced as is the case with many F2P MMOs. The difference is the engine would have worked on my gaming computer in 1999. The shop should be priced to reflect the older feel as the subscription does 7$.

    I'd ignore the OP as they seem unrealistic about things. This is a fun game and while it doesn't try to do anything different, it still does feel different in some ways. The story is excellent and for the most part the gameplay is as good as any AAA MMO. The fact you can't jump does annoy me.

    I think this is a solid game worth anyone's time. It's part of my rotation. Not my go to game but certainly it is up there. It replaced WoD in my rotation. It's fun.



  • mayito7777mayito7777 Member UncommonPosts: 768
    This is a fun game and you can do a lot of things.

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