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Definitely miss this game!

AboveallsanityAboveallsanity Member Posts: 3
When it was announced that this game was closing, it was a shocker. Everyone on our server was really active and adamant against them closing. Alas, beanfun closed our server and a few others recently. This game was adorable and really fun to play. So if you have the option to play on the few servers that are left, I strongly encourage it. Although I'm very into the cutesy/anime style of games, if you're not really into that then you would probably not enjoy this game. I actually really liked the combat system and the classes, although basic. This game actually gave the healers a better chance at actually leveling easier on their own, and back then, there wasn't many mmo's I was playing that offered that. Recently, I've been playing games like tera where a Priest's damage is laughable at best if you're a pve'r. Anyway. I just wanted to write this for those who have the opportunity to play on the open servers, to give it a shot. And if you don't have that opportunity I'm sorry, I miss it a lot.. I wish some other company would pick it up but it seems that won't happen.

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