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RF online problme need help

DarkCyberFoxDarkCyberFox Member Posts: 4

Hello,i am trying to play RF Online, Know i dont want to here oh that gane isint good,or dont even try,cuz i can asure you that wont devert me from it,


So where we go, i played the game a very very long time ago, i dint like it cuz i cant fix the camera angle to where i can actuly see what is infront of me and not see noting but the ground and not the enemy(Training mob)more then 5meters away,

But Then sints its been a long time,i tha il give it a nother try and its its still the same,Try and fix it,so,i downlaoded the downlaoder,then downlaoded the instaler from the downloader and ilstaled it, once that was done,it went to patching it,then that was done,start up the game,see the Title, CCR INC ODIN,

Then a black screen apears,then....Closes,no error, no Warning about the system,nothing,it jsut closes it self.

I tryed from looking in the formor of RF onlines Gamecampus to here, and downlaoded from gamecapus's partners,all 3 of them,nothing works, i tried regestering at gamecamus forums, but i cant saying tis desable, and nothing says the game has ben shutdown, i even looked at youtube videos and nothing meets what im looking for,

i also linked a youtube video that i made with fraps for this to give you pepple a litle idia of what is going on,

and to give you guys a litle help here are my PC specs

Windows 7

8GB of Ram

Pentium(R) Dual-Core E5700 3.ooGHz

AMD Radeon HD 6570

i nkow the recomended settings,but thos are recomended settings,my Grafic Card can handel World Of Tanks and max settings,well, i played the game,but i dont have it enemore,i got bored of the game and its exsesivly long tree progresing system,but back to it,

all i want to help to fix thix game and so i can play the game,i already wasted allot of time treing to fix the game,help will be hightly apritiated,le me know if you need more info,just ask me,and thel me what kind of info and i will see what i can do

Thank you

Youtube link:


  • binary_0011binary_0011 Member Posts: 528
    good luck to you.
  • Maddrox181Maddrox181 Member UncommonPosts: 132

    I remember having a simular  problem , iirc when you download the game you have to right click the installer and run as admin, Also do this with the launcher and set it to run in compatability mode with Vista , The launcher and client were never updated for windows 7 since its an older game. 


    Also if you do get it working , Try Pressing K if you end up staring at the ground .. and H ? i believe is for Keyboard Mode I played this game for years but can't seem to remember for absolute sure .. But K will take you outta skyview.


    Hope that helps.

  • DarkCyberFoxDarkCyberFox Member Posts: 4
    Thx for the info, i will try that, il let you know if that worked thank you :)
  • DarkCyberFoxDarkCyberFox Member Posts: 4
    well...that dint work, but thanks for treing to help thanks
  • DarkCyberFoxDarkCyberFox Member Posts: 4

    Oh! got it working,i dont know what i did but i got it working :D

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