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What has changed?

berenimberenim Member UncommonPosts: 154



 after not finding any home and feeling of "been there, done that" in all those story driven themeparks (i.e. I loved TDW, but after ending up in Transilvania it got boring) and just doing the single player method of "normal -> hard -> even harder" dungeon grind I thought I'll take a glance at the only game that held me for 5+ years: Anarchy Online.

 How is it going? Has much changed in the last 4 years, or only the server merger? Has the engine arrived they promoted even for long when I left? I only read about being able to sign up to Beta in my account page. I read AO has his buyable playtime item GRACE, how is the pricing? Any chace for someone who hasn't the time at hand he had 5 years ago to get the creds together to keep playing with GRACE, are they even sold?

Give me a short roundup on AO. Perhaps I just go Froob and play a while, but looking at it it makes me itch to play my old Fixer (have they completely turned them to mini-Soldies now?)

Cheers settlers



  • wyldmagikwyldmagik Member UncommonPosts: 483

    Still waiting that elusive game engine update, until then I don't think much has changed in a long time.

    Still one of the greats though along with Neocron :D

  • berenimberenim Member UncommonPosts: 154
    Nothing else changed? What about population, community, GRACE and so on? No evolution in my first MMORPG love? It makes me sneer though the engine is still "almost ready to go" for years now.


  • aleosaleos Member UncommonPosts: 1,904
    Originally posted by wyldmagik
    Still waiting that elusive game engine update, until then I don't think much has changed in a long time. Still one of the greats though along with Neocron :D

    So much this.

    I'd resub in a heartbeat with the engine upgrade

  • BrezjnevBrezjnev Member UncommonPosts: 98

    I've not played in a long time either, only looked about a month ago if it was worth going back.

    What I know: FC is still talking about the engine update and the new gaming experience (with the latest known plans still being bad for fixers), neither has been implemented yet. No new content has been implemented since the collector. Notum wars pvp has completely died because of macro multiboxers. The sub price is still one of the most expensive around.

    I still miss my old AO org, but for me the game wasn't worth going back to.

  • skulyskuly Member UncommonPosts: 138

    Funcom isn't serious about the game, if they where they would add shadowlands to the f2p program.


    This whole "rebalance" crap is a joke.  It won't boost the population, they need to do more if they want to keep the server populated....either lower the sub for a single month payment or add Sl to the f2p.. releasing the engine  probably wouldn't keep the game populated for long.


    The balance changes combined with the new engine is good but they need to have a f2p population so that when numbers dwindle the game won't appear so empty and repel new players.


    I personally only got into AO hardcore in the 2004 because of the free players population helping me learn about the game and doing rk missions with them..I wouldn't have been subscribed all those years if it wasn't for the free players.

    You'd go back to rk and there would be people in the cities and and lft... if you where bored with paid content you could join free players and do stuff with them.

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