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Dragon Age:Inquisition's continuing problems



  • Tasslehoff35Tasslehoff35 Member UncommonPosts: 962
    Originally posted by Distopia
    Originally posted by UncleTopher

    nope, sorry. The issue is not with the PC. It exceeds all minimums and most req specs:


    AMD Radeon HD6870

    AMD FX 6100 6 core CPU ~3.4Ghz

    8GB RAM

    240GB Intel SSD


    I have managed to get the game to run with minimal crashing by turning off any AA or post processing, as well as shadows on low. I also am running the game in 'windowed' mode.


    For all the extra super cool smarty guys who makes assumptions about the PC being deficient or what not, I can only reiterate: The problem is with the game itself. Many people spread across all brands and levels of gaming rig are having game breaking problems.

    Read some user reviews. Have knowledge before spouting nonsense.

    Maybe it is an issue with the game, but we're not tech support here, yet many were still trying to help you out anyway, hence why people need your specs to do so. IF turning down graphical settings helps, it's certainly one area you may still need to upgrade (issues with the game or not).

    I'll Never understand why people turn to forums for such help, then get bent out of shape when specs are brought up... it's key to knowing where the problem may be spawning from. Next time take your problems to customer support, see how much better that is...


    Because they are not here for help...they most likely have another agenda they are trying to push...

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