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[Column] General: 5 Non-Fantasy MMOG Concepts With Unfulfilled Potential



  • ZhjrisZhjris Member UncommonPosts: 20
    Originally posted by xenoclix

    We need a new good World War 2 MMO rather than a lobby based match making system, or a MMO based in a world war.

    Maybe even the Roman/Medieval times with mass battles. Charging in there with 100s of people fighting over land and kingdoms. Can introduce good crafting and job system to keep the troops moral and health up high.


    I'd like to see WW1 or WW2, but no like Planetside 2, would be like WW2 online. A game not dumbed down for casual all I want to do is get into the action and kill, kill, kill crowd. Where strategic planning accounts for alot along with the soldier's tactics and abilities. Where you need to think of that supply route you just created and how best to defend it. Where players are actually commited to defending an area without being bored, with all the things that happened during WW2. Where each person can only be limited to a certain area(skill cap) either, infantry, pilot, gunner, tank crew, ampibious assault.

    Where those in power generals(A selected few) have alot of control over operations. I'd like it to be as realistic as possible, but have fun elements too. Simliar to Planetside 1, but more depth and sandbox features. I'd like a system where your player could have limbs blown off, bleeding and be able to return to battle if deemed good 2 go, but medic officers. Where if a player dies their character is dead, and etched on the list of war casualities, but their next character will have similar traits, skills and abilities. I'd rather see victory as victory and death and defeat as such. Not as a oops I died time to respawn without caring much.

    Planetside 1 was such a good game, then we got the steaming pile Planetside 2.


    Mad max and a Western mmo would be great too, but they would have to be done well, by a well funded AAA company and sandbox in my opinion.

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