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One Server, Many Dimensions. How to Choose!

This is a repost from the Newcomers Forums. You can sign up for TSW's official forums before getting the game and have a look around.


Originally posted by Quokka
A lot of new players aren't sure which Dimension to choose for a new character. Whichever dimension you pick, you will be able to chat, group, meet up, and play with friends from any dimension.Here is some information that might help. Drac uses the French language Kobold uses German If you are interested in Role Playing, Arcadia is quite busy and Leviathan is a very quiet environment. Of the other servers, Cerberus and Daemon are relatively popular, and Grim and Huldra quieter. If you are interested in PvP, you might pick a dimension based on which Fusang instance you want to play in. Cerberus, Grim, Arcadia and Drac are in Battlegroup 'A'; Daemon, Huldra, Leviathan and Kobold are in Battlegroup 'B'.
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