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Who We Are

Sinister Swarm is a well established gaming community where members can build lasting friendships in a fun, active and organized environment. Together since 1999, we are a community which has stood the test of time. Founded upon a higher set of standards, we strive to provide our members with the most complete and rewarding gaming experience possible. Over the years we have made many accomplishments, but what we value more than anything are the relationships that we have built within our community. The friendships we’ve kindled have gone beyond your typical guild acquaintances and turned into what we like to call our family here at the Swarm. More than anything else, it is our basic principles and these friendships that bind us together. While games come and go, and so many of the "hardcore" guilds crumble around us, the Sinister Swarm remains eternal!

What We Are

The Sinister Swarm is a multi platform gaming community with experience in MMOs, FPSs, RTSs, PvP, PvE, and more. With a full roster of both mature and respectful players, we have zero tolerance for immaturity, trash talk, and the unneeded dramas which plague so many other communities. Our officers and senior members work tirelessly towards maintaining a professional level of organization, unparalleled in today's gaming world. Members of the Sinister Swarm always show good spirit, positivity, and have a great sense of humor. As we find ourselves in a continual state of growth, the word “guild” has simply become too small to describe us.


Here in the Swarm we range from casual family players to dedicated hardcore PvPers. Our main goal is to always have fun and meet new and interesting people. For our officers, it is both our duty and pleasure to help facilitate a positive and fun atmosphere for everyone, regardless of experience, rank or play style. We strictly refrain from engaging in open world debates/flaming, and instead choose to let our play speak for itself. Although reaching the top is important, we feel what really matters is how you get there. With hard work and commitment we can achieve anything, but at the end of the day it’s all about having fun, making friends and doing everything in our power to help our fellow Swarmers succeed. We expect that our members always demonstrate respect not only to our community, but to everyone in game. One of us, represents all of us. Honor above all else.

Member Requirements

Bee Age 18+: We are a mature community and we expect our new bees to be the same. Our age frame has people in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s so there is some diversity of people to hang out with.
Bee Respectful: A lot of our members that play are around 30-40 and some have families. We ask all new bees that join the swarm to keep the language PG in vent, in-game, and in the forums. You never know who could be around their computer, so please be mindful of that.
Bee in The Tripod: There are 3 main ways we stay active within the Sinister Swarm. First is by participating in our Forums: Our forums host a lot of great info from class guides to what’s a good movie to see. Second is participating in-game: Some people on vent may not have mics or be able to talk at the moment. In game chat is a way for them to ask for help or even just to say hey, so please don’t ignore them. Finally is participating in Ventrilo: It is required for all members to be in Vent while in-game. Ventrilo is our main source of communication and the way we get to know other members. If you don’t like a lot of chatter or are working on something, there are quiet rooms you can use to get away and have silence.

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