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Google Chrome and Norton 360 - Issues Resolved for Download and Install of Ryzom Nov. 30th 2014

ArtificeVenatusArtificeVenatus Member UncommonPosts: 1,235

Okay... I have Google Chrome and Norton 360, so I apparently ran into an issue with each of these programs in attempting to download and install Ryzom... but was FINALLY SUCCESSFUL! 


1. Once I downloaded Ryzom, Google Chrome says :


ryzom_setup_644.exe is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it.

Just hit the "Recover malicious file" and follow it's prompt to continue (I think it said something like "Hurt me good" >.>) in your google chrome downloads and It will automatically correct that issue.




2. Next issue I faced must have been with Norton 360.


I kept hitting some C++ Runtime error. (You will need to use your [ Esc ] key to kill the runtime error window.)


I went into Norton's settings to "Allow" Ryzom program. Tried again without even restarting computer, it went through just fine after that.


It seems like a 3D version of Ultima Online. Well, there is no jumping, so... It is free to try, easy to try, and I'll decide to spend the putting out that $11 a month as soon as I can figure out all the controls starting this friday coming up. Something tells me This game is absolutely worth the looky looky.
And thank you to all that helped me here and answering questions in game <~


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