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New Forum Request: VRMMORPG, Present & Near Future, Fact & Fiction

maxlancemaxlance Member UncommonPosts: 35

Seasons Greetings! has become my main watering hole for gaming info and discussion. Since this site is often ahead of the curve of things topical, if it hasn't already been tried I'd like to request a new discussion listing that entails VRMMORPG's present and near future and in fact and fiction. An MMO site is an appropriate meeting place for dealing with real-life VR/VRMMORPG developments and progress and pioneers in this field, and is sorely needed for those deeply interested in it but have to glean dozens of sites for satisfaction.

A discussion place where mostly informative and positive remarks are made because negatives often come fast and cheap and often clutter the meat of very interesting debates. Discussions should be supportive of this technology well as educational and newsworthy.

I ask that the webmaster takes this appeal delving into the aspects of a infant technology as this into consideration.

Thanks and seasons greetings!


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