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General: Journey to the West International - Open Beta Begins

BMunchausenBMunchausen Staff WriterMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 400

Chinese MMO Journey to the West goes into open beta this weekend (November 29) and in the interest of helping beta players level up more quickly, is offering them a special downloadable media pack.

Journey to the West is based on an ancient Chinese legend, and features unique gameplay like the skill-changing Transformation Systems and the elemental Psyche System.

To obtain the pack, follow the guidelines on Cubizone's website.

For a taste of what's in store, check out the video below.



  • psiicpsiic Member RarePosts: 1,635

    Left out a step you actually have to enter this code on the blank line 






    Oh and to avoid the confusion I went thru when you click the download link the first time you get the akami netsession download once that is installed click the download link again and you get the client.


    Crazy kinda nutty and personally hate akami : (

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