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General: Descendents: Open Universe Space-Themed RPG

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,127

A new KickStarter initiative has started for Descendents, described as an open universe space-themed RPG. The game is a multiplayer's dream with over twenty factions and a complete universe to explore. The project is seeking $900,000 in the next twenty-six days.

Descendents is an open universe multiplayer RPG game. You can play for one of 20 fractions, move freely in space and at the same time explore large planets. A player can have a large amount of property, including buildings on planets and large spaceships with fully customizable interior space. Players can unite for various joint activities and to organize large-scale battles for the capture of cities, planets and spaceships. The game has an advanced role-playing system and deep atmospheric universe. In short.

Find out more on the Descendents KickStarter page.



  • VrikaVrika Member EpicPosts: 6,871

    Does anyone know more about the game's creators?


    On Kickstarter they tell: "We are cohesive team of developers. For many years we have developed serious IT projects. The last few years we have been developing online games for third parties...", but are really vague about the details. No names of team members, what game's they've worked for, etc. are mentioned.


    According to registry Insense Arts LLC was created 12/30/2013. It's a real company, but since it's created only one year ago it can't be a company that has been developing online games for third parties the last few years. Insense Arts LLC registry information:


    There's a lot of stuff on the Kickstarter page, but only one person is seen on videos, only one person's name is mentioned on any contact info, only one person is mentioned in any of the registry files. I think their claim of having a team of developers is a lie, and it might just be well-done one man project. Also that single man seems to be planning to develop MMO of that scale with just 900 000$ since there's no mention of how the rest is going to be financed.


    Until they release more info of the team and what they've done before, I believe this is an operation to scam people.


    EDIT: They also seem to hide their whois -identity by using service on their website /EDIT

  • iridescenceiridescence Member UncommonPosts: 1,552
    Looks like either intentional or unintentional vapourware. Their ideas sound cool and very well fleshed out but even if they do hit their goal I don't see how they could possibly make the game they're promising for 900k 
  • rochristrochrist Member UncommonPosts: 133
    Yeah, this one isn't likely to go anywhere. The ideas are nice, but that's all they are, just concept art, no technology on display at all. Their credential for doing this sort of thing aren't all that inspiring either. Plus, 300.00 so far? Not nearly enough initial response.
  • YamotaYamota Member UncommonPosts: 6,593
    Sounds awesome but the problem is that there are so many Kickstarter projects which sound awesome but so few have actually delivered a final MMO.
  • HorusraHorusra Member EpicPosts: 4,385
    Is this another pvp centered game?
  • sakersaker Member RarePosts: 1,368
    I love sci/fi, but could make no sense of their back-story
  • barasawabarasawa Member UncommonPosts: 616

    With a goal of 0.9 million, it's very unlikely to be funded.


    The spokesman in the video is obviously a non-native english speaker. Maybe he's the only one on the team that knows enough english to do the video. 


    It's also very apparent that their text on the site was also not written by a native speaker of english either. The weirdness is enough to make parts like a monkey wrench in the works to read.


    It does seem interesting, but I can't even tell if it's pve, pvp, or consensual pvp. Though it does appear as though there will be noob areas, but it's again not clear what ganking status it is. As to their players bringing justice to the griefers thing, those kind of systems have historically tended to fail spectacularly, even though some take a while for that to happen. A small community with dedicated people monopolizing the maintaining of fair "justice" can keep the ideal alive for a long time, but as soon as corruption sticks it's head in, or even worse, the griefers intentionally take it over and monopolize the system for their benefit, it's a death knell for the community in general.


    I know I've posted some negative things here, and honestly I'd really like to see the game succeed and thrive, but I have to realistically stand back and let this one go. (Yeah, a scifi/scifan game and I'm using the word "realistically" is kind of silly.)

    Lost my mind, now trying to lose yours...

  • ThoemseThoemse Member UncommonPosts: 457
    2017 release (and that wont work out) packed together with nothing to show but some concept art and ideas. For that they want 900k. This one will tank.
  • tawesstawess Member EpicPosts: 4,208

    Yeah as others have said unless they have a huge sack of money stashed away 900k is way to little. For a smaller off-line single player game it would sound about right but this project is so big that even i can not pretend that the budget is big enough. And i usually do a pretty good job of seeing potential in small and rather stupid ideas.


    Also what is it with game kickstarters these days having no "foreplay"... No real anchoring in the communities at large.. just bam... some viral marketing and then a kickstarter with fudged up goals...


    That is not the way to do it. And i know there is a paranoid fear that someone will steal your idea.. But it vould also save a lot of time.

    This have been a good conversation

  • SamhaelSamhael Member RarePosts: 1,354
    I skimmed the Kickstarter page. It sounds like a fantastic concept and I'd be interested in playing. However, 900k is a lot to get a Kickstarter going for... and it doesn't sound like it's going to be half of what they need to deliver on their ideas.
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